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Hi there! Lunar Dusk was formed in 2009 by guitarist Aerial as a creative platform to highlight awareness, in a world where many important issues seemingly remain ignored and permanently un-addressed.

The music subsequently maintains an attitude spawned through negative views on global issues such as the state of the world, global corruption, politics, poverty and global wealth distribution, media propaganda and self agenda, corporate and personal greed, environmental abuse & associated ignorance, religion, government atrocities, exploitation of people and natural resources, military conflict and the music industry, in close collaboration with the darkling and alternative sub-cultures.

I also have a dark electro / goth / industrial side project called Lunar Crypt, also on
Lunae Eclipse Records.
::JANUARY 2016 NEWS!:: Lunar Dusk is currently in the process of writing new material, with the primary focus on releasing a debut album, with live performances as soon as possible!::
Cheers for reading, time is so very precious =)

)0( Peace & respect, Aerial
::INFLUENCES:: Jack Off Jill, Paradise Lost, Depeche Mode, Kat Bjelland, Pete Steele, The Cure, Type O Negative, Ministry, Teargarden, Peter Murphy, Skinny Puppy, White Zombie, Velvet Acid Christ, Alice In Chains, David Bowie, Layne Staley, Switchblade Symphony, Lunachicks, Bauhaus, Immortal Technique, Lords of Acid, NIN, Galileo Galalei, Scarling, Midnight Syndicate, Dimebag Darrell, Project Pitchfork, Nicolaus Copernicus, Sisters of Mercy, Die Krupps, Scott Putesky, Gene Wilder, The Damned, Bikini Kill, Babes In Toyland, Stephen Hawking, Miranda Sex Garden, Feindflug, Absurd Minds, Bill Hicks, Alien Sex Fiend, Nox Arcana, Atrocity, Guy Fawkes, Das Ich, Mia Zapata, Tim Burton, Soundgarden, Suspiria, L7, William S. Burroughs, My Dying Bride, The Cruxshadows, She Wants Revenge, Die Form, Katastrophy Wife, Front 242, Stone Temple Pilots, early Marilyn, Front Line Assembly, Bad Religion, Icon of Coil, Swans, Killing Miranda, Flowing Tears, Season's End, The Mission, Play Dead, Razed In Black, Hocico, Dulce Liquido & when Riot Grrrl meets Goth Metal! <3
^V^ The two Encrypt videos were originally made as gig backdrop projections, designed to highlight the horrific dichotomy between human-kinds use of science and technology; the first relating to government tools of atrocity, warfare, imperialism and oppression, and the second with respect to peace, nature, a desire for understanding and exploration. Ideally they are best viewed side by side in two separate browsers ^V^

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Aerial - Multi-Instrumentalist
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Lunar Dusk
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Alternative / Industrial Rock / Gothic / Dark Electro

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London, LND, UK
Self-managed. All tracks Copyright © 2009-2016 Lunae Eclipse Records...recorded and produced at Trick or Treat Recording Studio, South London.