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Kive have been evolving their style of music since 2008. Moody alternative rock that is both experimental and instrumental and sure to get your head spinning.

The Clark brothers (Nick and Ben) have been writing music for over five years with Kive being their first band together. Nick (Guitar), Jake (Drums) and Rich (Bass) began jamming in Auckland and exploring a style forged from their individual musical influences. It wasn't long before Ben became involved adding a unique sound and style of lead guitar. After jamming for two years the boys decided to find a voice for Kive and they found that in Jeremy Frank.

With the line-up now complete and music ready, Kive have evolved into something for NZ to take notice of. Kive blends progressive rock through a range of emotions that draws the audience in with its hypnotic soundscape, intense beats and
captivating riffs. An energetic live show that is not to be missed!

2010 saw Kive head into one of New Zealand's top recording studio's ‘York Street’. York Street is known for producing many top albums locally and internationally such as Shihad's killjoy. The boys knew that this was going to be the right place for recording their up-coming self released EP 'Gavitate' due for release in April 2011. This was recorded, mixed and mastered at York Street and showcases four of Kive's many popular tracks.

Kive have headlined all of their gigs thus far and have played in top rock locations round Auckland, such as Dogs Bollix and the Kings Arms. The sky is the limit for Kive who plan to play at the BDO 2012.

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Bink- Guitar Nicko- Guitar Rich- Bass Jake- Drums Jeremy- Vocals
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Auckland, NZ