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Poetry and truth share the same breath when put in the correct
artist's hands..." -Jason Carney, HBO Def Poet, Writer, Educator.

"One of the great artist and activist of our time." -Tommy Bottoms,
HBO Def Poet.

"A muckraker without trepidation." - Bruce George, Co-creator of HBO Def Poetry
"Gritty realism, passion and beauty..." -Tantra-Zawadi, World Renowned
Poet, Writer

"One of the generational landmark voices of the American poetic
cannon.” -Bro Mwalim, Associate Professor of English and African/
African American Studies. University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

His performances and motivational speeches have been described by fans
and colleagues as "WOW", "DAMN", "Pure Electricity", "Energetic",
"That get up and go ish", "Some powerful spit game", Passionate,
Moving, Captivating and "Just plain real."

He has been called "the poet with Hyperactive Attention Deficit
Disorder" because of his propensity to leave the stage and the
microphone and go into his audiences.
BET Lyric Cafe poet and Spokenword Entrepreneur Queen Sheba
affectionately calls him calls him "Crazy."

Michael Warrior Bonds is a respected, Urban G.R.I.O.T. (Ghetto
Representative Interpreting Our Thoughts) an author, motivator and an
award winning Spokenword Artist from Roxbury (Boston Massachusetts)

In 2011 he received the Community Warrior award from Pan-African
Cultural Education Inc. (P.A.C.E.) for his commitment to the growth
and development of the people of inner-city Boston. Ironically, he
received the same award in 2003 from two different organizations
Street Peace Inc. and Prophets for Non Profits.
In 2008 he won "Best Spokenword Album" at the New England Urban Music
Awards for his album "Inthugligence."

Michael Bonds has been a member of the renown Blackout Arts Collective
organization (BAC) a national grassroots organization committed to
using the arts as a tool for social change in communities of color
since 2000. Working in several capacities with/for the BAC, Michael
Bonds has performed nationally on campaigns such as Lyrics On Lockdown
and the Finding Our Folks Tour for Hurricane Katrina Survivors. He has
facilitated educational and empowerment workshops for youth and adults
in communities of color nationally as well as visited and performed at
several juvenile and adult detention facilities. He has taught
performance poetry, organized and participated in community outreach
initiatives and loaned his poetic talents to local and national
political campaigns. He served 2 years as coordinator of the Boston
chapter of the BAC and in that capacity has coordinated several
campaigns for the BAC such as the 2005 Boston leg of the Lyrics On
Lockdown tour.

He has performed at universities such as Harvard University, MIT
Kresge Auditorium, and the Spelman College Camile O. Hanks Cosby
Academic Center, University of Massachusetts Boston, North Eastern
University, Towson University, Plymouth State University New Hampshire
and the Berklee Performance Center and in classrooms at Georgia State
University and Roxbury Community College and other colleges and
universities around the country.

Michael Bonds has been featured on the unofficial "Def Poetry Jam"
website operated by Bruce George co-creator of HBO Def Poetry in 2005.
He has authored 2 books of poetry "Gunz, Poems & Rosez, the Experience
Strength and Hope of Michael Warrior Bonds" and "The Write" which is a
book that showcase different poetry styles.
His work is also featured in The "Bandana Republic, A Literary
Anthology of Current & Former Members of Street Organizations
(co-authored by the legendary HBO Def Poet and author Louis Reyes
Rivera and the co-creator of HBO Def Jam Poetry Bruce George), The
Plymouth State University Centripetal, The Red Bull Word Clash (a
coffee table book), Looters Magazine (www.lootersmag.com) and Love Nu
Art Magazine (www.lovenuart.com). He is also featured in the award
winning documentary "The 2006 Red Bull Word Clash Film", (Monti Smith,
Red Bull producers). His new DVD Game & Jewels is out and taken the
art of Spokenword to a whole other level.

He holds an Associates degree in Criminal Justice from Buader College
Atlanta Georgia and is currently studying to receive his Bachelors in
Social Work degree. His passion and concerns are for the proper growth
and development of youth and adults of color. He works tirelessly for
re-entry programming and for the social readjustment of former
criminal offenders as well as to educate people of color about the
Prison Industrial Complex (PIC) as it relates to people of color.

Warrior, as he says in his signature poem aptly entitled My Mission,
"I commit my speech to these streets", has done that and continues to
do just that, use his gift of conversation in the inner city
communities of America. He travels extensively performing,
facilitating workshops, educating and empowering youth and adults.
Poetry to Warrior is not simple an art form to be shown off and/or
exploited because of ones expertise, art can be a useful tool, a
weapon and a way in or out of an area or situation for some. It can
and should be used, in Warriors opinion, to shed light in dark places,
to education, empower and if possible to employ others.

The Warrior G.R.I.O.T. has poems and will travel. He is available for
appearances, motivational speeches workshops and other private and
public functions. He can be reached at the following:

Poets Orators Educators, Motivational Speakers
Have Poems Will Travel

Michael W. Bonds, CEO
Phone: 404.236.9701
Email: mw.bonds@gmail.com

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