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In her captivating songs, Nancy K. Dillon maps the American West: from the dusty highways that conjure up images of Kerouac’s road trips to the big tents of traveling dust bowl carnivals; from a '66 Rambler American carrying free-spirited 70's hipsters to the hard-working horses carrying gold miners seeking fortunes and cowboys herding cattle. Taking inspiration from Oklahoma & Texas troubadours Townes Van Zandt, Guy Clark, and Kevin Welch, Dillon’s songs are short stories about the various characters that populate rural American life, as well as her travels through the American West and beyond. She is a three-time finalist in the Tumbleweed Song Contest and her songs have won 3 Billboard awards. Performing in and around her current base in the Pacific NW, she occasionally ventures further afield to perform at festivals, venues and house concerts around the US. Dillon says “I think listeners want to go on little journeys and the best songs are like short films.” Her recordings are sprinkled with mandolin runs, funky banjo cuts, and the keening wail of a dobro, and incorporate elements of bluegrass, folk-rock and alt-country. Dillon’s music is inspired by the past, but she’s clear that her goal is to understand how her vision of Americana can exist in the future as well as thrive in our present digital world: “Many so-called Americana acts attempt to re-create an archival version of the past or a past of the imagination. Nothing wrong with that…both are valid & important. But I’m interested in the future…where are we going ? How do we get there ? How does our past inform our journey towards the future ?” Though her music touches on our common American roots, Nancy K. Dillon is not afraid to toss in a burning electric guitar lick next to a rollicking banjo line, just like she’s not afraid to call out odes to “hipsters in thrift store clothes” or to imagine that her trainman-union official great-grandaddy might have encountered Woody Guthrie and bought him a meal in exchange for a joke and a song. Nancy K. Dillon clearly has a talent for traveling back and forth through time with her own brand of “Avant-Garde Americana.”

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Nancy K. Dillon
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Americana / Folk Bluegrass / Okie Roots

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Seattle, WA

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