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When I was 14, I learned “Nearly Lost You” on a broken guitar to play at a sleepover. That was where the whole adventure started. I did the high school band thing a few times and throughout this extremely awkward phase, I learned how to record and how not to be in a band. I did my own thing for a few years, recording demos in bedrooms from Ohio to California, and then started leaking music to my friends. They seemed to like it. It would take another 5 years for an album to materialize, but in 2009, 50 copies of “Looking Mean And Impressive” were thrust upon the world to little fanfare. In 2012, a three song cover EP called “I Was Here” was created to benefit Sweet Relief. I ended up just making the donation on my own since again, little fanfare, but Brad Laner from Medicine liked how I did his song, so that works for me. In 2013, another handful of songs popped out. “Anastatica” was bigger, louder, and something I am really proud of. I tried to get it pressed onto vinyl, but it didn’t work out. Oh well, but Kali is on her way...

Making music keeps me sane. It makes me feel like I’m doing what I am supposed to do. The band I’m in with my friends, Book Of Lies, is a blast, and playing on stage again is exhilarating. There’s still that 14 year old inside, screwing with his guitar and making his own strange noises from yet another bedroom in yet another town. That’s not a terribly clever bio, but I think I’ve grown out of those. The music speaks–very loudly–for itself.

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Poor Little Saturday
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