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The music group Infinite is just a small part of a much larger vision. Infinite the group is the physical aspect of something bigger than itself. Infinite's dream is to give people all over the world the motivation to continue and make their dreams a reality. Through Infinite's music, people from different places and different races can unite. Infinite has the objective of bringing hope, whether it is in your life or someone else's. Infinite is not just a musical act. It is an ever rolling wheel touching every single person it spins by. As a member of Infinite, whether it be as a manager, a vocalist, a dancer, an accountant, or any other position, our goal is to bring the vision out on stage and onto the street and allow people to see what having an Infinite mind set has done for us. Passing on the will to never give up, pursue dreams, and make sure to reach an ultimate goal. We believe and we want everyone else to believe that INFINITE will someday inspire the world to move in the direction of progression by never letting anything or anyone come in between you and what you want. You are not a part of Infinite, because Infinite is now and has always been a part of.. you.

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N'love, Reggie J, Michael Stephen
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R&B/Soul / Pop / R&B

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Orlando, FL
Sanjeev Ramlochan