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Andrew Stillwell is a singer/songwriter originally from Lethbridge Alberta, a small city near the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Andrew fell in love with surrounding natural beauty, spending much of his spare time hiking, sailing and canoeing. His love of the outdoors is evident in the songwriting, where the lyrics are full of natural imagery.

Andrew studied Fine Arts at the University of Lethbridge, specializing in drawing, painting and sculpture. This visual arts background also influenced his songwriting where his lyrics paint vivid pictures and places with words.

Andrew always enjoyed music and playing the piano from an early age, first learning piano at age 5, but he did not start writing songs until in his late twenties, when he began exploring the Christian faith. It was at that time that he said "I became very inspired with the message of God's love and forgiveness and really had something to sing about".

Quiet Sky, his first album combined his sense for natural image and place with insights from his growing faith, resulting in a rich multi-layered songwriting style.

Andrew records under his own independent label, Parable Music. He explains the origin of the name for the label; "In the bible I found the use of parables really clever. Jesus would tell these great vivid stories, full of places, people, plants and animals, all things that people could immediately relate to. Yet within these stories were profound truths about the nature of God, His love, His mercy, His justice. I try to do the same thing with my song writing, allowing a listener to be drawn in to the song by the description of a beautiful or compelling place and picture, but to also weave in stories of love, joys, struggles, hopes,dreams, God and faith."

Andrew now lives in Durham, North Carolina with his wife Denise and two boys, Liam and Aidan. He works as an architect. He continues to write and perform music and is preparing to record a second album.

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