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I've spent years on the road with my kids that have brought great memories in a time that will never be erased from our minds. I have been writing since 1997, but instead of recording, I just kept writing and writing. I left to travel anywhere the road led and have never looked back - eventually just writing and playing on the road to anywhere and everywhere. Since that time, I have settled in Eugene and Tennessee, where I am building as Venue to support singers and songwriters and people with other talents to share.
I write for artists that have discovered me one way or the other over the years, most who reside all over the US, Singapore, Ireland, the UK, Denmark, and Canada. I am now working with OneDerment Music Publishing to make an album to be released in 2013. I have a LOT of songs - so get ready for some great music written from my soul to yours!

It is through experiences, of both good and bad, that I have come to write what I have written, and it is now that I choose to bring to life the many songs that I have penned. I want them to live inside the hearts and souls of others when they are seeking comfort or answers to things they can't quite seem to express or even understand. I know what they feel because I have been there.
So with my publisher and producer, Mr. John Sharkey, who has truly recognized the gift that I hold within me, we will be spending many hours preparing and recording my first songs that will be released in 2013 to the hearts and souls out there who crave the best medicine in the entire world - LOVE through words and music. Allow me feed your soul, I was born to write.

My purpose in life is to no doubt be a writer, my passion is songwriting, and my mission is to awaken the emotion in listeners all over the world that can't quite seem to express how they feel.

It is my greatest hope that I can find the artists that can relate to what I have written and sing my songs with the emotion that will send shivers all over to listeners all over the world.

Life can write great songs - and living it is just what I've done.

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Me, my soul, and I.
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