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Rich La Bonté (1946) is an American musician, writer, editor. Rich was lead singer of the upstate New York band the huns (1965-66).

In the early 1970s, he played bass and sang in the original cast productions of the musical Godspell in New York and Los Angeles. He appears as a player and performer on the Grammy Award-winning Godspell Original Cast Album and the Columbia Pictures Godspell Motion Picture Soundtrack Album. He was involved with the recent crowd-funded Broadway revival of Godspell (2012).

In late 20th Century Los Angeles, Rich created fLAtDiSk SoftWorks (1977) as a freeware company. fLAtDiSk was the home of fLAtDiSk Fanzine, a Xeroxed music rag from 1976-1983 and fLAtDiSk Records (1970 – 1981), a vinyl subsidiary of Dave Gibson's Moxie Record Company. FlipSide Fanzine tagged him with the FLAtRich handle around this time.

fLAtDiSk Records had several obscure 20th Century releases, the most notable being the “Kim Fowley Jr.: Son of Frankenstein” LP (1981), which La Bonté co-wrote and co-produced with legendary record producer Kim Fowley for Moxie. The record spawned the college radio hit “Invasion of the Polaroid People”, and was re-released in Europe by Lolita Records on vinyl and later on the 1995 Marilyn Records CD as “Bad News from the Underworld”. Rich also released the underground classic “Mayan Canals” on Moxie in 1981.

With then-partner Shari Famous, Rich released the red vinyl single “New Wave” b/w “Same” in 1979 for R. Stevie Moore on CMI Records. In 2009, Rich contributed musically to R. Stevie Moore & Company's “Coo Coo Rockin' Time” CD, which is also part of a 4-CD David Fair (Half-Japanese) “Coo Coo Rockin' Time” box set from Thick Syrup Records.

Rich's 2010 CD, “This Is Rock and Roll”, featured material with an accent on vocals. His 2011 CD, “Closet Frequencies and other electronic stuff that sounds good to me”, is a collection of 22 electronic instrumental pieces. His 2012 CD, “If You Didn't Like The Last One You Won't Like This One Either”, is, according to listeners on ReverbNation, "Weird stuff all over the map. Sometimes Beatles on LSD, sometimes powerpop" and "...a great experience and something new with every tune... all of it a must have." His 2014 CD, “Tin Dreams and Broken Hearts Vol. 2”, contains 18 recent selections ranging from orchestrated electronics to vocal tracks. Scruffy the Flea said: "DEFINITELY music for the LIVING! Bright, thoughtful, full of pulsing and life and butterscotch. Wonderful!"

Rich released “Way Out” in 2016. It is available on CD through Amazon and in other formats on Bandcamp. See more reviews at www.flatrich.com

Rich continues to compose and release free music to the web via Bandcamp, SoundCloud, ReverbNation, Facebook, YouTube, etc. He currently offers over 100 original tracks available as free MP3 downloads on his Absolutely Free Music site - freemusic.richlabonte.net

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