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Blood of Saints
Derrick Gazaway- vocals
Eric Fraser- Guitars/vocals
Preston Kerr- Guitars/vocals
Scotty Fendrick- Bass/vocals
Clint Valdez- Drums

Blood of Saints is strait up metal! If you can’t blast metal and immediately want to punch something its crap. Over the last four years Blood of Saints has evolved into a band who knows its identity. Some say Blood of Saints is a combination of the best attributes that make metal what it is. Raw! Powerful! In your face! Some say Blood of Saints is an influence of Euro metal bands like Heaven Shall Burn and Amon Amarth meets American metal l like Lamb of God and Chimaira. Why compare? Blood of Saints doesn’t care about comparisons. They sound like Blood of Saints, damn straight. Quit reading this bio that we wrote to explain Blood of Saints music because this bio sucks! If you are interested about the formation and story of how the band formed by all means keep reading. If you want to smash shit to our tracks “fan” us on reverbnation.com and its all yours for free!!

Blood of Saints formation included a slow beginning. Derrick (Dee) and Clint were attempting to form a band with a few try outs after Hatepiece had dissolved and there were several dead ends. When Fraser joined Clint and Derrick in early 2008 the chemistry was there right from the start. The new band still just a 3 piece wrote 5 songs in 2 months and haven’t looked back since. A year later they finally found bassist Scotty. He was a perfect fit. In 2012 a Preston Kerr moved to Utah from England. Having worked with Eric previously on writing songs such as the I’s of madness it was destiny that brought the two guitarists back together. With the ability to have layered and harmonic sections to songs the music intensified! With such a diverse collection of artists the possibilities seem endless. Blood of Saints has many influences from modernism in the early 1900’s to many metal genres. Their music will grab your attention with its complex simplicity. Blood of Saints is proud to have a drummer voted as best metal drummer in Utah by SLUG Magazine. His ability to throw down any combination of woven patterns that magnifies the construction of guitar vs. bass is relentless. At times Blood of Saints music is dark thrash and at others it transpires into orchestrated harmony. In 2009 Blood of Saints entered in the national contest Project Independent and placed 10th out of several hundred throughout the U.S.A. After placing the highest for Utah participants they traveled to L.A. and played the Project Independent finale hosted by Metal Sanaz. She liked them enough to put them on her top 40 must see bands with the likes of Machine Head and Slayer! Since the contest final round ended Jan 1st, 2010 the band has continued writing and playing shows including Utah Metal Fest, Slave to the Metal(hosted by Madam Julia from Fuze) and opening for many traveling bands such as Flaw and Hell Within. You can listen and download Blood of Saints music at www.reverbnation.com , Blood of Saints, Layton, UT.
Blood of Saints is a collection of members from previous bands in numerous states. Each one of us has enjoyed mild success with other local unsigned bands. Derrick Gazaway (vocals) was previously lead vocals for Hatepiece, Salt Lake City, UTAH. Eric Fraser (guitars) was rhythm guitarist/songwriter for Dissonance, Colorado Springs, COLORADO. Scotty Fendrick (bassist) was guitar for Til’ She Bleeds, Ogden, UTAH. Clint (drummer) was the Drummer for Raising Havoc, San Diego, California.
Derrick(vocals)- Randy Blythe, Mark Hunter, Max Calavera, Dax Riggs, Chris Volz, Peter Steele, Burton C. Bell, John Howard, and Jamey Jasta
Fraser (guitar)- Danny Elfman, James Iha, Robert Flynn, Tommy Giles Rogers, Olavi Mikkonen, Brain Carroll, Rich Ward, and Rob Arnold.
Scotty (bass) - Broseph Smith
Clint (drums)- Vinnie Paul, Raymond Herrera, Mike Portnoy, Dave Lombardo, Neil Pert, Scott Travis, Nicco McBrian, and John Bonham.
Preston (guitars)- Mikael Åkerfeldt, Robert Flynn, Kerry King, Michael Amott, Max Cavalera, Wayne Static, Bradley Nowell

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Dee-Vocals, Eric-Guitar, Preston-Guitar, Scotty-Bass, Clint-Drums
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Blood of Saints
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Metal / Thrash / Hardcore

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Layton, UT