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The Mariana Hollow are a compelling and original alternative rock quintet, hailing from Greater London. After reading hundreds of biographies in the name of research, The Mariana Hollow were left with a collective head crammed full of cliches and fancy adjectives, yet not a clue about the actual music being made by their contemporaries, nor what motivates them to make it. To that end, The Mariana Hollow will now abruptly switch out of third person and attempt to explain how they roll, without an accompanying barrage of press-centric bollocks.

Our story so far…

We′ve been TMH since 2008. We′ve independently recorded and released an EP and two albums – “Scars, Not Wounds” in 2013, “Velvet Black Sky” in 2012, and “Coma Heart” in 2010. We’ve been written about by publications such as Kerrang!, Sonic Cathedral and Rock Sound amongst others. The phrase “critically acclaimed” has been bandied about from time to time… nice. We′ve cut our teeth playing at some cool venues over the years, like London′s Islington Academy 1, the Scala, the Underworld and a swanky barge on the Thames. Those shows lead to an acoustic tour of the UK with Breed77… good times. Soon after, one of our founding guitarists Danny Russell inexplicably decided to trade sweaty dressing rooms and constantly ringing ears for an idyllic life of matrimonial bliss, the daft bugger. We got another good lead guitarist and cracked on.

Our music and motivation…

Our music is defined by dark, beautiful and powerful melodies. It often harks back to that great era of rock that was (the 90s). Spinky′s passionate vocals weave in and around the haunting twin guitar lines of Richie Walden and Gabriel Moreira, underpinned by the relentless balls-out pounding rhythms of Messrs Scott Chesworth (bass) and Adam Stanley (drums). Our music comes from a place of genuine inspiration and emotion. We try our damndest to write songs that’ll creep up on you and sink their claws in deeper with every listen. When the chips are down, we play music together because our brains wouldn’t work right if we weren’t.

At our gigs, you′ll find fans of metal, rock, prog, alternative, pop, indie and probably more genres that we’ve missed. There are some gracefully aging rockers with distinctly good taste (wotcha Alan), and even roadtrippers who regularly travel ridiculous distances to listen to the noise we make (shout out to our main man Steve). Such a varied and devoted following can only have been drawn in by the sound of five like-minded individuals who′ve delivered performances that made the hairs on the backs of their necks stand up, always caring more about music than gimmicks. That’s us, by the way. Turns out this writing-in-first-person gimmick is harder than it looks!

The next few months…

With Gabriel having been forcefully broken in and fresh songs at the ready in the shape of our “Scars, Not Wounds” EP, it’s safe to say that we’re back to fighting fit form. For us, the goal has always been to build up a solid presence that reflects how much we love the music we make, rather than shooting for an elusive quick fix of success. The next step is to spread our new songs further and wider than we’ve ever managed by playing them to anyone who’ll listen. We′ve already left dents on the scene in London, Reading, Essex, Cambridge, Birmingham, Manchester and other charming locales (bloody roundabouts).

We don’t like to brag about it too often, but seriously, we come baring redoubtable music that demands to be heard. You′d do well to have us in your town.

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Band Members
Rebecca Spinks - Vocals, Gabriel Moreira - Lead Guitar, Richie Walden - Rhythm Guitar, Adam Stanley - Drums, Scott Chesworth - Bass.
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The Mariana Hollow
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Rock / Alternative / Metal

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Watford, HRT, UK

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