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African Man Born, the underground hip-hop teacher from the city of Boston, Massachusetts born and raised in the heart of Roxbury. As a youth A.M.B. (for short) was a big fan of hip hop in the golden era of its growing culture and music. He started his rap journey back in middle school but took it serious in high school. As a college student he was envolved with a group titled TA (Temple Assassins) which later named Together Again for about 7 years of his career. He began recording his first solo mixtape project at the end of 2002 looking to present some product to stand by in shopping record deals. His passion for recording developed while staying consistent in the studio to the point where he did not search for record deals, he decided to go independent and self promote and manufacture and market his own works. A.M.B. released his fix mixtape album on August 15th 2003. The road didnt stop there, he released 3 more projects within a years span making him an unknown force in Boston's Underground hip hop scene. Many people knew him but didn't know he had rap talent which gave him the idea to title himself Anonymous Machedy Blade. The name came from his status as an unknown emcee and the Machedy Blade was his style coming from street battles that he won for money in random cyphers and gatherings around the state. A.M.B. did not want to be just another battle rapper to the public so he perfected his writing skills. reality poetry was his first dab into rap so he focused on conveying messages whether they were about his life or others. In 2003 after his first mixtape release he was dealing with his first major broken relationship and instantly broke his silence about his feelings on to paper to the mic. He started saying things that struck cords with people even family members who could possibly feel he is being disrespectful for speaking in the manner of which he chose to speak. "I am a straight up person and deal with straight up people. If the truth hurts, than find a way to heal cause my message will not change for your emotions." This was a quote from a radio interview with Philly Urban Radio back in 2013. In 2005, A.M.B. released his first double mixtape album to the streets. This was never done on a publicized level and he took a major risk still healing from personal struggles but he got his point across and really started to find himself culturally. During his 4 years of not releasing projects he got in contact with a major producer and promoter in Panama City Panama named El Chombo. He recorded and released 2 international hits in that region that never took off in the United States. After that venture he tried to connect with other international industries only to fall short do to business management not performing at a high level of standard so he parted ways with his connects to the industry and in 2008 he re connected with an old high school friend and started working on music like he did in the beginning. Montez The Genius Kirkland was a R&B artist and producer who self taught himself to engineer studio sessions. These brothers formed a dangerous combination still active in the underground Boston circuit. They produced 13 of A.M.B's studio projects making them the most consistent producer and emcee combination out right now. In 2010 Anonymous Machedy Blade converted his name to African Man Born to project a more positive balanced and spiritual message in his rap songs. Currently he is releasing The M.C. 3 (The Black Light) with singles like OUT OF THIS WORLD, AFRICAN MINDS & 9th DEGREE he will establish himself as the number one reason why hip hop culture will remain as a spiritual weopon against a crazy world of illusions. Now a video and movie director of his own projects you can see what he stands for. He is an emcee, activist, teacher, event organizer, manufacturer, promoter and an all around down to earth brother from humble beginnings. You can check out his works on


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