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"We’re goin’ ridin’ on a hellbound train, Hellbound Glory, ya, that's it's name!" - "Hellbound Glory"

As the namesake suggests, HELLBOUND GLORY is barreling through the gates of country music on a one-way track to their rightful place as the band to be reckoned with. Cutting lyrics, timeless characters, and scorching vocal delivery combine to yield a potent sonic distillation unique to this Reno, NV based trio. Front man, Leroy Virgil, summons from the very foundations of country music an onslaught of raucous melodies reminiscent of the genre's finest. Eric "Rico" Peterson picks scorching licks from his signature lap-steel with death-metal dexterity. Frank Medina, lays down the bass with a sureness and groove to round out a sound that, seemingly, is stirred by twice the bands number.

"If you're gonna sing it proud, you gotta live it first!" - "Cliche Country Singer"

And don't that pretty much say it all? HELLBOUND GLORY has forged their reputation on the road; the band's name itself is a promise to their fans and live performance ethic. With a breakneck touring schedule; the band is a workhorse in the genre. Criss-crossing North America for the better part of the last decade; HELLBOUND GLORY continues to conquer new stomping ground nightly on the strength of three full length releases; "Scumbag Country," "Old Highs & New Lows," and "Damaged Goods."

Perhaps fittingly, the underground following, like so many minions, continue to belt the gospel that is HELLBOUND GLORY. But alas O' Ye Faithful, this is not a band that is destined for underground obscurity. Indeed, a chorus of likeminded Scumbags won't have it that way and neither will Leroy, Eric, or Frank. With new unreleased songs already holstered; HELLBOUND GLORY is on track for an early fall full length release.

“I’m spittin’ blood but still runnin’ my mouth and I ain’t goin’ down til the lights go out!” – “Til The Lights Go Out”

· "Favorite Country album of the year!" -Shooter Jennings

· "The undeniable talent of Hellbound Glory and Leroy Virgil is there for anyone with an authentic country heart to see. It is time for someone to step up. They don't deserve the SCM Album of the Year, they deserve something better." -Saving Country Music

· Damaged Goods should be the record that catapults Hellbound Glory, though probably not to the top of the charts, at least to the top of several year-end "best of" lists.- Engine 145

· "Damaged Goods is a gem." -Farce The Music

· "I challenge anyone out there to find a country artist out there today (mainstream or underground), that can even come close to what Leroy writes. Songs of love, heartbreak and destruction are told like no one else can tell them." -Moon Runners Country

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Leroy Virgil - vocals guitar
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hellbound glory
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Reno, NV

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