“I caught Earworms opening for The Dillinger Escape Plan at club show a few months back, and it quickly became apparent why that was a great fit. They’re hard to categorize, rock your face off, and genre bend to their own discretion, sometimes within the same song. I’m stoked to premiere the first single off their sophomore album, Superalien Coliseum, filled with lots of high intensity punk, metal, and post-math to keep all kinds of fans happy. Check out the track "Superalien Coliseum (One Dimensional Being)"”

"Earworms live up to their name, as they ensconce their metaphysical metaphors in catchy vocal harmonies and classic songwriting. They are tight, fast, precise, and could find fans amongst the emo contingent, as well as progressive, psychedelic metal, from bands like Tool or Isis. They are not nearly as over-complicated as either of those bands, however. Their rock is more stripped down, more efficient. They rely on the double barrel blast of blast beats and shredding, soaring solos, and actually knowing their own material...Earworms are coming out, fully formed, with a fully formed mission statement. A dangerous combination."


"Earworms are brand spanking new and their debut album deserves your attention. Fans of this genre will find their style refreshingly raw and a big plus for the genre that could use some resurgence. Perhaps they will tour relentlessly, take over the East Coast and go beyond scratching the surface of the punk/garage rock scene, as we are glad to be witness to the beginning of their journey."

“Based in Brooklyn — but hailing from the depths of inner-space and the far reaches of the cosmos — Earworms crafted loud, fast and ear-piercing rock and roll with their debut self-titled disc in 2014. Today (April 15), Diffuser is thrilled to continue the celebration of that album with the brand new music video for “Monkey ET” — check it out and crank it up above. “If it’s possible to see that everything is cyclical in nature, the idea of linear time goes out the window,” the band tells us. “This is the energy that fueled writing ‘Monkey ET’ and making this video.” If you’re curious about the title of the track, Earworms say it conveys the idea that “there’s a bigger story at play on Earth. Consciousness is going through a cycle of forget/remember. Western science claims we evolved from Earth apes, yet indigenous cultures all say the same thing: We are not from here, we are from the stars. Maybe the entire sky is the family tree. Maybe we’re Monkey ET?”