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(If you'd like to know the story behind the single): WE CHOSE A GREAT SINGLE! HOW DO WE KNOW?: 'CAUSE LEE ANN WOMACK CHOSE IT TOO!!! (True Story)-- My producer visits Nashville in search of a GREAT song by hit writers, for my 2nd Radio Single. Realistically knowing they would NOT pitch us their best, "A-drawer" song(s), but still excitedly HOPEFUL that we'd get lucky! He returns with several good ones and I chose "I WILL", as my best bet for radio's attention. We complete my album. Producer returns to Nashville then, copy of our version in hand. A short time later we get the news, " We cannot grant you permission to RELEASE this song to radio at this time. Lee Ann Womack has now placed "I WILL" on hold.", (-- the song TAM Records and I had chosen as our first single off our 'PEACEFUL EASY FEELING" album --remember?). Of course, the publishing company, which BEFORE had pitched us the song, one of several, in hopes that ANYBODY would record it, THEN, denied us permission to release it, until she made her final choices for her upcoming album. -- Get it? Unknown Artist (Me) vs Lee Ann Womack? --A no-brainer as to which one of US the record company would want to allow to record it, NOW, -- IF SHE might want to put it out for them instead! --'Just business, I know! :( My producer and I waited 6 months, then, to be able to release "I WILL" to Mainstream Radio. In the end, Ms. Womack didn't record it anyway. Although it came about as close as possible, "I Will" did not make her final choice list. The rest is history... Obviously, the fact that Ms. Womack chose it too, proves that "I WILL" is a great song, written by hit writers. But... released on an Indie label by an Indie Artist (me!). that great song hardly even got a chance to be heard! Main-stream radio's slots were all filled with Major Label Artists. :( BUT I AM STILL PROUD of my version of "I WILL". I did my very best in the studio, and did everything I could to get it played, even tho the cards were stacked against me.) If Lee Ann Womack had released it, no doubt there'd have been a different outcome. No offense to Ms. Womack; she's one of my favorite female artists. -- (I was DOWN for a while, but my only options are to be bitter or better; I CHOOSE BETTER!) Broken hearts heal and become stronger in the process! Now I can honestly wish my fellow hopeful-artists well. May God bless YOUR hopes and dreams by rewarding your success with the appreciation and respect of the Music Industry. 'All the best! ~Kathe

*4 of the 7 Original Songs on this album were written by Kathe Knight/John Craig.

*Radio Single Releases: I WANT TO BE A COUNTRY GIRL AGAIN (Americana, 2009) & I WILL (Mainstream Country, 2010)


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Kathe Knight aka Kathe Beaver on Keyboard/Vocals (Band Available As Needed)
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Kathe Knight (aka Kathe Beaver) Vocals/Piano or Full Band
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Singer Songwriter / Indie / Country

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Mount Airy, NC
Ted Beaver (KTB Productions)

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