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Less than a year since the national release of his debut The Last La-La’s, NYC’s Bruce Nathan, performing as everyBoy, returns with his second record Parachute Mind, due from Catlick Records on July 5th, 2011. Recorded in a year that marked his first period of uninterrupted dedication to music, Parachute Mind echoes the messages of George Harrison with themes of compassion, hope, and light overcoming darkness coupled with vocals that iTunes noted “bring early Neil Young and Jeff Tweedy to mind.”

Although it has been a short time since everyBoy’s first album, the musical growth Nathan shows on his latest record is remarkable. Working again with Grammy-winning producer John Holbrook (Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, Fountains of Wayne) and drummer Adam Topal of Jack Johnson’s band, Nathan also welcomes newcomers to the everyBoy band on Parachute Mind including guitarists Jimmy Wieder (The Band) and John Platania (Van Morrison) along with Jonathan Maron of Groove Collective on bass.

“I am proud to have had support from such talented folk and I feel blessed they like what I do enough to put so much time, energy, and love into my tunes,” Nathan says of the formidable talent present on Parachute Mind. Nathan has indeed assembled a collection of songs which mark a real maturity in his sound.

In the album’s epic opener, “To Arjun,” the warrior hero Arjun expresses doubts about proceeding into battle after he sees that his enemies are his own family. The Hindu God Krishna appears to Arjun to tell him that He, as Supreme Being, is the puppet master of this life, and that Arjun is nothing but an actor in his play. Hence, the deed has already been done and Arjun has already fulfilled his destiny. His hesitation is fruitless.

“It is no doubt a good example of what can happen going to bed soon after watching a Leonard Cohen documentary,” Nathan jokes about the 3AM writing session for this tune. “Parachute Mind” is the album’s title track and first single and video. The song (along with the album tracks “Change” and “What I Meant To Say”) was co-written with Richard Barone of The Bongos. “The impetus was mine, but Richard really helped me shape the idea into the song that appears on the record,” Nathan explains. “I really liked the idea that the mind is a parachute - it only works if it’s open.”

Other songs on the record weave in threads about stuck-up snobs, bullies, broadcasters, bad romances, barking dogs, beautiful women and love in the age of text messaging. It’s the type of material that is establishing everyBoy as an artist who can pull off charming alcohol-stained regrets, goofy garage rock and classic but quirky soul stylings at the same time, catching the ear and poking at the mind with an intense declaration of purpose.

Next up for everyBoy after the release of Parachute Mind is an August tour as a trio with Nathan on guitar and vocals, Matt Brandau on bass and Tim Kuhl on drums. This version of everyBoy will record a live EP and then head back into the studio for another album, this time with Nathan’s touring band on the tracks. So it seems that soon enough we’ll be saying “Less than a year since the release...” yet again, but that’s to be expected from an artist like everyBoy’s Bruce Nathan and his prolific parachute mind.

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everyBoy: Bruce Nathan-lead vocals & guitar, Matt Brandau-bass & vocals, Tim Kuhl-percussion
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