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Professional Guitarist and Vocalist
- Jazz, R&B, Blues - 45 yrs experience - Available as Single or Full Band

I began playing piano at age 6, ukelele at age 8, guitar at age 10, bass at age 12, organ & harmonica at age 14. I was playing in bands starting at age 12. About two years later it was 1965, and the British Invasion began. Also the British BLUES Invasion as well.
I began to play the "new" music, plus discover all the blues players such as Eric Clapton, Peter Green, John Mayall, Kim Simmonds and Jeff Beck. From the U.S. it was Muddy Waters, Little Walter, Jimmy Reed, Freddie King, Jimi Hendrix, Paul Butterfield, Mike Bloomfield, Elvin Bishop, Johnny Winter (from my hometown, Beaumont, Texas), Billy Gibbons (from Houston - ZZ Top), Mike Pinera (Blues Image), Robben Ford and many others. It was a very magical and challenging time.
When I graduated from High School, I was a pretty fair r&b player, but with many bad playing habits. After barely making it in college for a couple of years, I went to Europe to play and sing the songs and music I had been writing since H.S. graduation. It was spectacular. I played in concert halls, the subways (Underground in UK, and Metro in Paris), Piazzas in Rome, Youth Hostels in Germany, clubs in Copenhagen and Amsterdam. I was never so amazed to see genuine response to my music. I had thought all my friends back in the U.S. had been joking me about my music. I was wrong.
My 1970 Dobro My 1978 Ash Stratocaster with Schecter Monstertone pickups (PIC)
When I came home, I immediately enrolled in North Texas State University's music department and began classes as a Theory/Composition Music Major with a primary instrument of Guitar, secondary instrument as Piano. My class was the first class in NTSU's history to have a Guitar Class. It was classical training only. If you wanted to play jazz, you had to find the jazz players to bug for tips, or just study it on your own. I was lucky enough to play in some of the lab bands, and sub for the 2 o'clock band for a while.
I quickly discovered the sad news that I was no "hot shot". There were many very gifted players who were miles and years beyond me in playing ability. I began to practice 5 - 8 hours a day on both guitar AND piano just to keep up. It was inspirational. I survived and began to excell maintaining a 3.8 average. It was 1974. The height of Disco. Ugh.
It took me about 4 years of playing (post NTSU) to get over the "technical" tailspin music school put me in and put the "heart" back in my playing. I continued to write tunes and began to explore and write electronic and experimental music too.
1981 was the year I decided to become a full time professional performer as a "Single Variety Act", (One Man Show, w/some electronic accompaniment, which later became a fully programmed SY-77 Yamaha keyboard) and Band Leader (when there was a budget). I successfully in played the Dallas market during that time and for the next 11 years. After playing the local bars, restaurants and private parties, I quit for a while. Fortunately for me, my agent kept me going with some interesting jobs from some of her local and international corporate clients. I began to have fun again. I still dabbled in electronic composition.
My Herb Ellis Signature ES-165 My early 80's ES-165! (PIC)
My Jazz influences have come from Charlie Christian, Django Reihhardt, Larry Carlton, Robben Ford, George Barnes, Pat Metheny, Tal Farlow, Bucky Pizzarelli, Wes Montgomery, George Benson, Kenny Burrell, Johnny Smith, Chet Atkins, Les Paul, Lenny Breau, Ted Greene, George Van Eps, Charlie Byrd, Dave Brubeck, Jimmy Smith, Miles Davis, Shirley Scott, Leon Rhodes, Doug Jernigan, Buddy Emmons and many others.
I have also been a Pedal Steel Guitar player, and here is a picture of my most recent guitar. I love both necks - both C6 (Jazz) and E9 (Nashville sound) necks. What a challenge! Makes playing a regular guitar a breeze!
In 2010, I picked up Accordion and began to study it and transfer my musical knowledge to it, and learn its ways. Boy it was tough. Now, 5 yrs. later, at least I am comfortable with it and can play a good bit from music as well as by ear. I learned it because it goes so well with Gipsy Jazz music, as well as Jazz (Frank Marocco - RIP), Art Van Damme, Ludovic Beier, Richard Galliano, etc.....
So, to cut to the chase, I am now playing with a great Jazz Quartet in Atlanta, sometimes calle Bill Fulbright Quartet, or can be found sitting in at the Velvet Note, Twain's, Luna's in Gainsville, ZanzaBar, and who knows......
It isn't over yet and living it has CERTAINLY been interesting!

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Bill Fulbright - Jazz/R&B/World Guitar/Vocals/Accordion
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Bill Fulbright
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Jazz / R&B, Soul, World, Electronica, / Blues

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Cumming, GA

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