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.......Listen to his masterpieces and hear the passion in every word. Watch his videos and see the visual reality of his story and the determination in his eyes. Sit audience at one of his shows and know that you are taking part in “the future of Hip Hop”. Finally... a reason to tell your friends, “Hip Hop lives! He is the regional winner of “America’s Next Top Rapper” and has been featured in publications such as the Boston Globe and BNN News Network Grammy and has vibed out on songs with 5 time Grammy Winner Malik Yusef and Hip Hop legend Raekwon the Chef. Born and raised in the heart of Boston, MA, Nilton Depina aka “2Face Dejavu” is the young Cape Verdean who learned early that he was a unique individual on a mission. His first true experience of rhyming came when he performed in front of family at a mere 8 years old, and he hasn't stopped since then. Known for being one of the hardest working artists, co-signers attest that 2Face Dejavu has been a musical pioneer in his neighborhood since the age of 15.
.......Steadily building a following, 2Face Dejavu is described by fans as being a multi-talented rapper, producer, writer, and entrepreneur. Raised in Roxbury and Dorchester, in two of the most crime plagued areas of Boston, he experienced many tragedies and misfortunes, including civil war within his Cape Verdean community. He not only survived but surpassed common expectations and graduated from 2 top-tier schools in the nation. His style is that of passion and energy, his genuine lyrics that of a street poet, and his irresistible presence that of a successor to the Hip Hop throne. His street credibility is widespread, and his professionalism is well recognized. 2Face has the mind of a rebel, yet respect for tradition. As street-wise as they come, he will undoubtedly be amongst the most influential Hip Hop stars of the 21st century. As he explains, “They say good is the enemy of great, but I'm satisfied by neither. I have to be the best! It's just how I was built."

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