Chris Domino - Vocal Bass
Jimmy Perito - Guitar Vocal
Pat Duffey - Guitar Vocal
Billie Duffey - Bass Vocal
Greg Batlin - Drums
The Sheets are a legendary San Francisco based band that gained quite a lot of notoriety in the Bay Area in the 80's. Besides the numerous gigs that they played in the Bay Area; they released a self-produced EP named "Undercover". Approximately six months after shopping the album to various record labels (including The Rolling Stones label), The Rolling Stones released an album by the same name. This resulted in a lawsuit with The Rolling Stones (which was settled out of court) and consequently quite a bit of media press for The Sheets. The Sheets were based in San Francisco and had regional success there. They toured extensively, but gained most of their popularity by playing local California Bay Area gigs at the punk/new wave venues of the time. These clubs included Mabuhay Gardens, Berkeley Square, Keystone Berkeley, The Stone, and The Palms. The Sheets have recently reformed and have played at select venues in the California Bay Area, including a 2007 benefit show at the legendary Mabuhay Gardens (which was opened for one weekend only) to help pay medical costs for original owner Ness Aquino. The original members of The Sheets were Chris Domino, Pat Duffey, Jimmy Perito, and Greg Batlin. The current lineup is Chris Domino, Pat Duffey, Billie Duffey, Jimmy Perito, and Greg Batlin.

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Chris Domino, Jimmy Perito, Pat Duffey, Greg Batlin, Billie Duffey
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Alternative / Pop Punk / Melodic

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SF Bay Area, CA
Chris Domino

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