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MAYBE...Auro hollO MAY BE DOLEFUL IN THE – " I'M All AllONE & THE WORLD WONT LISTEN" SENSE, BUT... IN THE SENSE OF "SINCERELY-ODD-IMAGINARY DIGI-POP"... Auro hollO IS ALL GRASSY KNOLLS & BLUE SKIES • MAYBE...Auro hollO MAY BE LUGUBRIOUS IN THE " I HATE MTV & THE MUSIC THEY PLAY SAYS NOTHING TO ME ABOUT MY LIFE" SENSE, BUT... IN THE SENSE OF "HAPPY TO BE MAKE-BELIEVE LAZER SHARP SYNTHPOP" ...Auro hollO IS A TOYBOX FULL OF SMILING TEARS. LIKE THE SILVER LINING OF A UFO CLOUD, LIKE A JACK-0-LANTERN SUNSET, LIKE A MIDSUMMER LEMON-BREEZE, LIKE A CRESCENT MOON TWINKLING IN THE CENTER OF YOUR LONELY, BROKEN-HEARTED, BEDROOM WINDOW AS THE SOUNDS OF THE WINDS IN THE DISTANCE FUNNEL INTO A STRANGE, SOMEWHAT EERIE MELODY, SWIRLING INTO THE EYE OF A SKY-TUNNEL BEAT ... Auro hollO IS "THE SOUNDTRACK FOR MISFITS".......... Now.......... "Everything is NEW, watch the structures rise, let those stainless crystalgold temples fold up out of the eartH ⁄≤ The inverted question mark ¿ whiTch disconnected the central-point in the rising hollOsun set on high at the top of my string "floating" tied in a borrOmean kNOT n0w magically reconnected itSELF BEcoming begotTEN INt0 one zer0 ALL around to circle the d0T •" ∆ur o_h ollO

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Auro hollO
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Electronica / SynthPOP / Tech-house

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Los Angeles, CA

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