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Hailing from the Mountains of Southern West Virginia, BrownChicken BrownCow StringBand is an original Appalachian String Band. Comprised of five young multi-instrumental artists, the innovating sounds they have produced in the acoustic world has been embraced across the United States. Band members Xander Hitzig, Justin Morris, Orion Hitzig, Matt Del Olmo, and Kat Fountain create the “BrownChicken” sound that the newpapers are writing about. This particular group of artists really care about the musicand each other... it is a family; or as they call it “Tribe”. Their quintette of melodious poly-rhythms has become more than a unique sound. The way they travel and perform full time has become a way of life. In the past two years alone, BCBCSB has traversed the USA dozens of times (including Hawaii and Puerto Rico) delivering their one-of-a-kind sound.

BrownChicken’ played a handful of public shows in Southern West Virginia before the two brothers; Orion Hitzig (vocals, mandolin, fiddle, banjo) and Xander Hitzig (vocals, fiddle, tenor banjo, guitar) moved to Maui, Hawaii which changed the destiny of the band forever. Shortly after the brothers landed they were rejoined by Justin Morris (vocals, guitar, bass, dobro) and the three began street performing. They pressed their first album; “Fruit Goggles” which is comprised of the band’s earliest recordings from WestVirginia. They sold several hundred copies of “Fruit Goggles” right off the streets of Pa’ia and it has yet to be pressed again, though the band often recieves requests for a re-issue.

They were a group of enthusiastic lads that loved music, art, laughing, and being social. BCBCSB had instant success with the people of Maui's Island communities. This included the local law authorities who would frequently put a halt the street show when the audience grew large enough to block traffic. After a nine month stay in Hawaii the “BrownChicken Train” was born when the band did not return home, but continued traveling and performing.

The band continued to gain steam as living on the road quickly became a way of life that fueled the fires of creativity. The trio produced two additional albums of original works titled "Gallup On You" and "It's a Deep Subject" while on the road. BCBCSB then had three original albums in only two years which has been attributed to their cult-like following of die-hard fans all over the United States.

Two years into the journey the trio became a quartet with the addition of Matthew DelOlmo (vocals, bass, guitar, banjo) and one year later the quartet became a quintette with the addition of Katharine Wray Fountain(vocals, harmonica, guitar, bass, bodhran). Matthew and Kat’s multi-instrumental talents brought a fresh set of ideas and strong ingredients to what the world now knows as the "BrownChicken Sound". Together with the power of five, BrownChicken BrownCow StringBand is somewhere, right now, spreading their Applachian roots from state-to-state.

This is the story of how “BrownChicken” made it from the banks of the Greenbrier River in West Virginia to thousands of fans across the USA. Audiences have continued to grow in all parts of the country at a steady rate, so now is the time to, "Get on the BrownChicken Train"!

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Justin Morris, Xander Hitzig, Orion Hitzig, Matt Del Olmo, Katharine Wray Fountain
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BrownChicken BrownCow StringBand
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Folk / Appalachian Mountain Music

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Lewisburg, WV
Benni Holley and Charles Hatcher

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