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To contact PepperDome, email: pepperdome@triad.rr.com.

Conceived in Fall 2005, PepperDome started as a small seed that grew in John Tokarczyk’s brain. The concept of PepperDome came from the simple frustration of a person that had many creative ideas and no outlet for them. Already being a multi instrumentalist, John was eager to start recording to just get those ideas out of his head and in some sort of order. Having a vast musical collection and unique world view, the music quickly had a very defining sound. Once composed, John woke from a strange dream with the phrase “that little man from the pepper dome”. Hence the birth of PepperDome. Starting with a simple 8 track recorder he crafted what would later become the first two PepperDome release’s “That Little Man” and “Let’s Try the Otherside”.

After an unsuccessful band mate search for both live performances and writing the next album, John decided to move forward on the third album “Chaos Point”. This six song EP marked a changing point for PepperDome. The music was crafted and written differently and recording process and techniques were upgraded. Shortly after releasing “Chaos Point”, in June 2011, Eric Bunton officially came aboard as PepperDome’s guitarist and in August 2011, Vattel Cherry became PepperDome’s bassist. This lead to a successful year of touring and promoting “Chaos Point” which increased the fan base and network for PepperDome’s unique musical style. There were many positive reviews and interviews made. PepperDome was even invited to play at several music conferences in Greensboro, NC and Nashville, TN in front of major label reps including Interscope and Atlantic Records.

June 2012 marked the creative beginning for the fourth studio album. As PepperDome began writing, the new energy brought to the table by everyone carried the music to a new level and a new direction. Unfortunately during this process, due to creative differences, PepperDome parted ways with Vattel. John and Eric found their new band mate through their new network. In June 2013, they invited Jake Tripp of Against Their Will, as their new bassist. With this trio, they finalized and created “False Words About Large Days”. The fourth studio album retains some basic PepperDome core fundamentals, but the music created has a new direction. The music has more of a hard rock edge including, darker, punchier guitar riffs, ripping guitar solos, hard hitting bass lines, thunderous hard rock/progressive drum beats and passionate vocals. March 2014 it was announced that Devin Whitaker had joined as PepperDome's drummer. With this, the guys are now looking forward to spreading the word and music of "False Words About Large Days".

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John Tokarczyk: Vocals Eric Bunton: Guitar Jake Tripp: Bass Devin Whitaker: Drums
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Rock / Progressive Rock / Hard Rock

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Mebane, NC

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