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Style-City Music not only a musician, but a film producer. Gerry Q’sana, commonly know as “Q”, received his introduction to the music industry when he began playing guitar for Gerald Levert. Enjoying the light of the stage, he went on to perform his own gigs and gained recognition for his talented playing. After a few years of playing shows, Q moved on to try his hand at producing music. He was presented with the opportunity to work with Gail “Animal” Flinn, a minor success story in the R&B world at the time, and proved his worth as a songwriter and producer. His work with Gail spring boarded him into the realm of producing where he settled in for many years, producing many artists out of Atlanta.

Q moved on from producing music after some time, and left the busy lifestyle of Atlanta for the atmosphere of St. Petersburg. Here he explored his passion for film, and it blossomed into a rather successful project. He created Style City Music Presents in 2010 to showcase independent artists and their work, and who better to spearhead this venture than a former independent artist such as himself. The show has grown over the years, and to date it has 454 episodes and counting. Style City Music Presents receives submissions from artists, and even record labels, all over the world attempting to be featured on an episode. The episodes have aired on over 200 TV stations throughout the United States, and for a while in Canada, and Capetown, South Africa.
For his future ventures Q plans to use his experience from being signed to a label, producing some major artists, and having a successful TV show to find new ways to adapt to the changing industry and stay relevant to the consumers of our time. His recent projects include the production of a few songs for Tennicia, a soca artist in Guyana, and The Urban Rock Project, which he has worked on with Doug Leto. In parting he has a few words for aspiring musicians:

“Just do it, don’t overthink it, don’t hesitate. Opportunities aren’t always there, and you never know where an opportunity may lead… You just have to take opportunities as they come and let them play out however they are going to play out. I have been blessed to have had countless chances thrown in my path, but not everyone is that lucky. You will never know when you have reached your peak until it’s all over, so for now live in the moment.”



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