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Praise the Dead, is a power duo featuring Spacey T., formerly of FISHBONE and SOUND BARRIER on 8 String Guitars and Bass & Lisa Marie Maestas on Drums and Vocals.

Inspired by our separate experience, dangling on our past and remembering our blessings from the Ancient ones who have led the way. Our Grandmothers influenced us to be Musicians. Together, our dreams persist with our eyes wide open.

Spacey T's former bands Fishbone, Mother's Finest and Sound Barrier, have helped him gain many loyal fans and Spacey T. is very grateful for all of the love and support.

Spacey T. says, “I’m very excited about this project because not only does it showcase the debut of me playing 8 string guitars, but I am also happy to introduce Lisa Marie Maestas as a great new talent, vocally and instrumentally. She is singing and playing the drums and is involved in all aspects of the production. Lisa Marie had lyrics, melodies, songs and ideas that I thought would go well with the music I was coming up with at the time. Together we make a great songwriting team, because I can easily write music to her lyrics and melodies. It reminds me of the music of the 70’s, as far as the social awareness in her lyrics. After playing a few LA and Hollywood parties, we were asked to play a few shows with Tom Morello and Axis of Justice. One night after a show at The Hotel Café, we briefly met Carl Restivo, who plays guitar in Tom’s band, who became a dear friend and subsequently our Music Director at School of Rock in Hollywood, where both Lisa Marie and I taught for 3 years. We recorded the initial drum, bass, and guitar tracks at The Dungeon Studio in Highland Park, CA with our friend and engineer, Adrian Villanueva. After Carl Restivo heard our music he expressed interest in helping us finish the recording of our first ep. The Heavy, recording and producing Lisa Marie’s vocals, some of my guitar parts, mixing and mastering The Heavy and also playing Guitar on our song, Stand Up! These songs have substance and I’ve always wanted to write music that I could make a bed, for the vocals to lie on. If you listen closely, you can hear many different styles of music and our influences, such as Metal, Funk, Rock, Blues, Jazz, Latin and Reggae, with a little bit of Djent thrown in for good measure! I love how full we sound as a duo and how heavy this first ep is! That's why we are calling it, The Heavy! It is the first ep in a series of 3, The Heavy, The Deep and The Light. Thank you for your continued support”!

Praise the Dead, blends the Classic sounds of Legends that have passed, with todays Modern Hard Rock and Metal. One way we describe it is, Socially Conscious Melodic Metal. Raw emotion. Sometimes Acoustic, sometimes Electric, Always Real.

Spacey T. is endorsed to SIT Strings and now Schecter Guitars. He is currently playing an 8-string Hellraiser.

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SPACEY T. (formerly of Fishbone and Sound Barrier, on 8 string Guitars - Guitar, LisaMarie - Vocals/DRUMS
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Praise the Dead
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Rock / Hard Rock / Metal

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Los Angeles, CA

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