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Samantha has written poems since she was about 9 or 10, and she started writing song lyrics in her early teens. In 1999 Samantha became serious about pursuing writing lyrics as a career after being nudged by friends and loved ones who saw her (usually much guarded) work and believed she has talent. In December 1999, she began getting her lyrics copyrighted. From 2000 to 2002 Samantha put herself through what she calls "At home Music Industry Business College" with resources from the library. In 2002 Samantha bought her computer, and now she does research on the internet daily and in any magazines and books about the industry that she gets her hands on. In 2003, Samantha entered the Nashville International Summer Song & Lyric Contest , and received "The Director's Award of Merit". She has been making contacts and friends with others in the industry, and has been co-writing and collaborating, and learned from some great music industry mentors. Samantha was an Active Member of NSAI (Nashville Songwriters Association International) for 4 years and has been a member of ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers ) since 2006.

Samantha was born in the Lower Penninsula of Michigan, in a small South Western town called Saugatuck, in the beginning of 1972. She was moved around a lot when she was a little girl between Michigan, Illinois, & Iowa, then back to Michigan again. Sammi graduated high school in Saugatuck and went to the local Tech Center for Advertising Design and Cosmotology. After graduating high school Samantha moved to Illinois with her then fiance and they had a son when Samantha was 19 and they married. A few years later she divorced her 1st husband and then fell in love with her 2nd husband of 17 years now (20 years together) and became a step mom to her husband's 2 wonderful children. She is happy in her life now, but went through the school of hard knocks early in life including poverty, always moving, abusive relationships, early motherhood, losing her brother to suicide in 2001 and losing one of her step sisters to brain cancer in 2007, and September of 2011 she was diagnosed with MS, when routine MRI's of her neck and back were done to check the progress of her degenerative disk disorder, a lesion was found on her spinal cord at T2 (upper back) and also on the left side of her frontal lobe in her brain.. However, Samantha takes everything in stride and realizes all of those things helped shape her into who she is today, a loving, empathetic soul with deep understanding of others' feelings and an emotionally strong woman, a loving wife and mother and a great friend to many.

Samantha used her writing for escape through the years, it was cathartic for her it also made her grow into a strong writer. Samantha loves to write and some of her favorite topics are love, loss, humor, and women's issues & social issues, and she loves to write for many genres including Rock, Southern Rock, Pop, Country and even Metal. Currently she has demos of songs that she co-wrote with Country songwriters, and she is working on a demo of one of her solo written lyrics for a Rock song. Stay tuned!

From August 13th, 2006 to January 20th 2007, HELL IN HIGH HEELS had a 25 week run on America’s Country Radio Network (ACRN) "INDIE HOUR" show, hosted by Mercedes Montgomery. HELL IN HIGH HEELS was also in the TOP 20 INDIE COUNTDOWN for 13 of those weeks (non-consecutively), which was also hosted by Mercedes Montgomery, on ACRN FM. October 15th, 2006, HELL IN HIGH HEELS peaked at NUMBER 2 on the TOP 20 INDIE COUNTDOWN. Only requested songs were played on the "INDIE HOUR" show and only the most requested & played songs made it to the Top 20 at the end of the week. [Shortly after the end of January 2007 many programs, shows and host changes were made at ACRN, and the "INDIE HOUR" show was cancelled as well as the TOP 20 INDIE COUNTDOWN.]
HELL IN HIGH HEELS climbed to #3 on the Soundclick.com charts in the Rockabilly (Country) subgenre and #51 out of 37,426 songs in the main Country genre charts making it a SoundClick Top 100 song.

I DON'T SWING THAT WAY climbed to #18 in the Country General subgenre and was #61 out of 37,426 songs in the main Country genre making this song also a SoundClick Top 100 song.

LOST IN AUSTIN made it to #11 in the Traditional Country subgenre on the SoundClick charts and was also a SoundClick Top 100 song in the main Country genre charts.
THE BUZZ made it to #31 in the Traditional Country subgenre on the SoundClick charts.

BACK TO LOVE AGAIN (Version 2) made it to #53 in the Country-Pop subgenre on the SoundClick charts.

HEAR THE ANGELS CRY made it to #77 in the Country-Blues subgenre on the SoundClick charts. (www.soundclick.com)

In review, that's 4 out of the total of only 7 songs Samantha has had posted on SoundClick.com that were SoundClick Top 100 songs in the main Country genre chart which had 37,426 songs listed at the time. That is impressive to say the least, especially considering that Samantha did very little if any "campaigning" or marketing of her songs, they reached their positions in the Soundclick charts solely on their own merit and whatever word of mouth may have followed after they were listened to. Many Artists and Songwriters on the Soundclick network continually pay for heavy ad "campaigns" to get more exposure to their songs and get their songs to climb the charts. Samantha has nothing to say good or bad about that, just that she did not rely on heavy continual ad campaigns because she didn't have the money to put into it, and also because she would rather see her songs climb the charts on their own merit. She is very pleased and thankful that is how it happened for her, and really amazed by it too. Samantha knows she has the loyal fans of her songwriting to thank for the chart success her songs have had, and she is very impressed and humbled by the show of love from her fans.
Updated: 9/9/2015

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