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Hello world.

I am Mike "Goody" Goodson. I live in Port Wentworth, just to the north of Savannah, Ga. I Play guitar and bass primarily. I have a Fender Jazz bass and an SWR Baby Blue for live playing. I have a plethora of other instruments. That's right, a plethora. These tunes were recorded and mixed at home on my PC. I use a variety of software instruments, amps and tools including Adobe Audition 3, Propellerhead Reason, Amplitube 2, Guitar Rig 4, and Mdrummer. I use an old Radium 49 usb keyboard for everything that is not guitar or bass. Most of the drums for these tunes are supplied by my excellent friend Clay Anderson, drum god. Drums for "One Note Samba" are by Brad Dougherty. Drums for "super Bootylicious Applebottoms" and "Vindaloo Funketeer" are by Scott Pruden.
Contact me if you are in the Savannah are and need a bassist. Send me some files and we'll collab.

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Goody Goodson - all instrumentation but drums usually, Clay Anderson - drummer extrordinaire
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Goody Musik Labs
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Indie / post rock, jazz, samba, prog / metal, trip hop, electronic, space

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Savannah, GA
Goody Goodson