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Lady Dawn & Father – “The Fludes”
New beginnings:
Following the destruction of the Kingdom of Haddon, Lady Dawn & Father are the only ones to escape through the Vortex but this terrible event has cost them their immortality. Their life in Haddon remains now only as a distant memory (Ancient Tales – book & CD)
They now exist as Minstrels travelling to far off distant lands, performing their songs of love, lust & betrayal in many Kings Courts & lowly taverns. Along the way they will be colluding harmoniously with other Artists to create Magic.
The story continues............................................

Lady Dawn = Vocals, Bodhran, lyrics.
Father = Keyboard, bass, acoustic guitar, Master Composer, arrangements, lyrics & Musical Director

Publisher - Attack Media Group - Toronto, Canada. Mark Berry.
Ancient Tales CD order direct from dawnflude@gmail.com or download from iTunes & Amazon.

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Band Members
Lady Dawn - Vocals/Bodhran, Father Flude - Multi-Instrumentalist
Artist Name
The Fludes
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Folk / Film Music / Progressive Folk

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Bethania, CGN, UK

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