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Joye B. Moore is a singer-songwriter, actress, producer, and entertainer who is proud to add “author” to her list with her personal memoir "Hopefully Beautiful - I more than survived... I thrived​."

Joye, a winner of Showtime at the Apollo, co-wrote and co-produced the ‘Hopefully Beautiful’ theme song as well as her debut album ‘Project Butterfly - The Cocoon’, has performed the album’s music on TV One, BET, and The Word Network and several songs are currently in rotation on the Gospel Music Channel. Joye has performed at various venues, including Festivals like the Richmond Jazz Festival and large arena's.. ‘Project Butterfly: The Cocoon’ and other music by Joye B. Moore is available at joyebmoore.com

Hopefully Beautiful, is Joye B. Moore's deeply personal tale of living with an untreated mentally ill mother, overcoming childhood abuse, molestation and rape, and homelessness at age 14 in this captivating and inspirational memoir.

Joye directed and produced creative for the "Hopefully Beautiful Theme Song"​ music video that magnificently supports the spirit shared in this deeply personal memoir by Joye B. Moore.

Joye wrote, produced, directed and produced creative for The "Hopefully Beautiful Cinematic Book Trailer"​ shot in the style of a ‘short film.’ This book trailer quickly paints a visual of Joyebell’s world in "Hopefully Beautiful."

Joye is also Operations Coordinator for an OST (out-of-school-time) System that coordinates consistent, high quality expanded learning opportunities after school with program providers for low-income high stress background children.

Visit joyebmoore.com to: Learn more about the memoir. Read an Excerpt from the memoir. View the 'Cinematic Book Trailer'​. Listen to and view the music video for the Hopefully Beautiful 'Theme Song'.

Book description:

For as long as they can remember, Joyebell, her younger sister Sand and their baby brother Presley have suffered devastating abuse. Beaten, emotionally and mentally abused by a mother with an untreated mental illness, the sisters are molested and raped by their mother’s newest husband, Corn; the third man they would call daddy.

Joyebell would do anything to be free of this childhood nightmare. And, at the age of fourteen, she’s about to find out just how high the cost of freedom really is. After running away from home, the teen must make ends meet by any means necessary on the streets of South Dallas. But despite her troubles, Joyebell is compelled to survive by her hope that there is something better, no matter what things look like or how they feel.

Hopefully Beautiful is the real-life story of a teenage runaway, one girl’s unstoppable spirit to live as she fights to emerge from a difficult childhood stronger than before; and determined to stay… Hopefully Beautiful.


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