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Strange Hotel is a rock band based out of San Francisco, California. It is comprised of frontman Frank Abreau (lead vocals/guitar), Sean Reilly (lead guitar), Miles Delaco (bass), and Tim Aristil (drums). Their musical influences stem from greats in various genres such as Rock, Soul, Jazz, R&B and Fusion.

The band formed in late 2013 after frontman Abreau and bassist Delaco began working on a studio project after their previous band (Illusion of Self) disbanded. In need of a drummer to finalize their recordings, Abreau reached out to drummer Tim Aristil in hopes that he'd partake in their efforts. Needless to say, he soon grew interest for the duo and soon after joined the two. There after, the band felt the need for an additional member to complete their unit. In that, bassist Miles Delaco extended the opportunity to fellow guitarist Sean Reilly (the Reckless Kind) in passing. After listening to the band single, "The Whole World is a Strange Hotel", Reilly stated, "I fell in love after only hearing seconds of the song".

With that ladies and gentlemen, I give you Strange Hotel!

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Miles - Bass, Frank - Vocals, Tim Aristil - Drums, Sean - Guitar
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Strange Hotel
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San Francisco, CA