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Hi everybody!

I just wanted to thank you all for your kind responses. I know what I do is kind of niche, but so far I love what I am doing.

Best wishes,

JD( o}===;;;™

The Facts:

James Delia( o}===;;;™ picked up the guitar at the tender age of five and never looked back. His style lays homage to all his influences from listening to his older brother's stereo system in the bedroom next to his. Thanks Ralph!

Growing up with the likes of Led Zepplin, Yes, CSN&Y, Jeff Beck, Steely Dan, Pink Floyd, Rush, Doobie Bros, Miles Davis, Chet Atkins, Roy Clark and many more. So there you have it. If you hear a little bit of everybody when he plays, then you are hearing...

James Delia( o}===;;;™
"Life is short, enjoy the music."

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James Delia( o}===;;;™
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James Delia ( o}===;;;™
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Blues / Progressive Rock

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Miami, FL
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