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Millions of people dream of becoming a pop star. Perhaps hundreds of these hopefuls arrive in Austin, TX each year, looking for the promise of a thriving music career. The same is true for Eric Sartin, who relocated to Austin from the small town of Bridge City. It is in Austin that the pop singer-songwriter made his musical connections with Drei Production’s Jim Erickson and Esmeralda Flores. Jim, along with his productions team, helped Eric channel his artistry and find his musical voice.
Named after blues musician Eric Clapton and exposed to music at a young age, Eric has worked hard at honing and perfecting his craft. From the onset Eric has been determined to satisfy his thirst for creative expression and showcase his performance skills. His music is a unique blend of punk, disco, house, and smooth pop with lyrics reflecting on universal themes: feeling torn, finding yourself, and relationships. Eric Sartin is destined to stand out in an industry that has become accustomed to formulaic music. With an ability to transport the listener into his dreamy synth-pop world, Eric is an artist on the brink of a burgeoning career. Check out Eric’s new single “Move With Me,” from his forthcoming debut EP, and experience the irresistible new sound of this fresh young artist.

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