THE MICHAEL LOUIS BAND: We are a touring band out of Gravesend, Brooklyn, NY. We call our style 'Brooklyn Swamp Music': a murky mix of blues, soul, funk & r&r. Ain't no hipsters in Gravesend, just salt of the earth and great pizza!
P.S. Michael is also working with Tom Terry (Bass) and Jason "Bam Bam" Arnold (Drums) from Springfield, MA. No hipsters in Springfield either, just cheap gas and fresh Guinness.

TMLB is: Michael Louis – Guitar/Vocals, Andrei Sebastian – Bass & Oskar Häggdahl - Drums

TMLB NORTH is: Michael Louis – Guitar/Vocals, Tom Terry – Bass & Jason Arnold - Drums

“You guys may be from New York, but it must be South New York” – Roland Janes (Sun Studio Guitarist & Engineer at Sam Phillips Recording, Memphis, TN)

ROCHESTER CITY NEWS (before the show) Man, there's gotta be a lotta things going on in Michael Louis' head. He's clearly a blues-rocker, but just about everything from the vinyl vault sneaks up in his classic bar-band bop. Neither masked nor caped, this Brooklyn 'n' bread guitar slinger cops the hero pose behind some tasty blues, rock and funk. Guitar players watch and wish while the dancers dance and the joint starts to jump. - (Frank DeBlase)

ROCHESTER CITY NEWS (after the show) Brooklyn guitarist Michael Louis brought his trio to the Dinosaur (BBQ) for the first time last Wednesday night. Louis is a jukebox mixing and Mish-mashing styles at a whim. His originals are a groovy amalgam of whatever you could want. His covers are tweaked and beautifully wrong; a reggae version of Bobby Fuller's "I Fought The Law," or a Killer version of Hendrix's "Machine Gun". The band played an inspired set playing well off one another with Cheshire grins. –(Frank DeBlase)

I AM ENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINE REVIEW OF "MORNING GASOLINE" - HOLY SMOKES and GEE WIZ! The Michael Louis Band brings one of the most impressive rock n' roll projects we've heard this year. On the band's latest release,
Morning Gasoline, The MLB brings their own brand of tasty treats wrapped in what they call, "Brooklyn Swamp Music". This sound is like a slice of NYC pizza pie, with a big ole glass of country Georgia sweet tea on the side. Get your earpetite ready for one of the greatest musical feasts its ever had. Opening up the album is the title track, "Morning Gasoline", which is a smash hit in my book. The song is well written, and Michael Louis delivers a great vocal performance atop some of the hottest music production in circulation today. It's not easy to produce a song that, if given the right exposure, would land a band in heavy rotation at top rock stations and likely a Grammy nod. If you want to hear how great blues-rock music should be done, check out this track. In addition to the title track, The Michael Louis Band offers their own rendition of Stevie Wonder's classic hit, "Superstition," and I must say, "The boys killed it!" The fact that The MLB even had the gonads to try it is a reason to give it a listen, not to mention show some serious respect to them for doing a great job interpreting one of Stevie's greatest songs. Overall, both The Michael Louis Band and their album, Morning Gasoline, are both major assets to the music industry. This band's contributions to the artform of crafting great songs are appreciated by the folks at I Am Entertainment Magazine. If you're looking for the perfect gift to give this Christmas holiday, and the recipient is a fan of great rock n'
roll music, this is a great option. Review by: Senseitional (Reviews Editor)

SOUTH NEW YORK REVIEW 'MORE SUGAR MAGAZINE' “Blues-rock has been written off more times than Jimmy Page. Yet every once in a while there’s a record with one foot in bellbottomed past and one in the present, reminding music heads that rattlesnake riffs - when paired with soulful songs -.are always in style. “South New York” is one of those platters. Brooklyn guitarist Michael Louis is an absolute tone pimp. The album’s toothy guitar sounds hold their own against those by better-known revivalists such as Marc Ford and Derek Trucks. Although “South New York” includes brief detours into 12-bar shuffles, it spends most of its time highlighting what Louis does best: unearthing new classic rock gems”. – Matt Wake More Sugar Magazine

CONTACT: nipsyco@gmail.com

TMLB Website: http://www.michaellouis.net

TLMB ON FB: https://www.facebook.com/tmlbbklyn

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/nipsycoco/

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/TMLBBklyn

YOUTUBE CLIP "GET OUT MY LIFE WOMAN" FROM LIC BAR: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t8JVh_lgIRI

PROMO VIDEO LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cDn7NJJQnug#t=15

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Michael Louis - Vocals
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