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Soulful: eloquent, expressive, heartfelt, meaningful, mournful, moving, profound, sensitive. Expresses deep feelings, especially sadness or love.
ADDiction: - a wonderful musical conversation drifting to wherever the imagination may lead...
Artist/photographer/filmmaker/musician.... How can one choose how best to express oneself?
I have loved music since I was a small child growing up in Vermont, sitting in the parlor at my Aunt Mary's playing on my Grandmother's piano. Since then, art of every kind has consumed my life. From painting at my mother's side as a child, to photographing the world around me, to making independent films, and finally scratching out little melodies in a vain attempt to express the mystery, awe, and beauty of the world I see around me, I have always sought to find the perfect mode of expression. Now I find myself writing to sooth my soul and stir my passions, to say something worth saying, and to find a sense of peace and joie de vivre that perhaps I can share with someone else, if only for a moment. A moment of laughter, of reflection, of pondering what this is all about. My compositions are not perfect, nor do I care. They are what they are. Raw, real, heartfelt expressions, spontaneous and unscripted for the most part. I hope that that will bring you a moment of pleasant distraction, reflection, and possibly even revelation into how very special each and every one of us is.

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Our Soulful ADDiction
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