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I love to play music and record solo projects as well as jamming with other musicians. My favorite instrument to play is guitar but my natural ability is more fluent on Bass. I also love piano and mandolin but certainly need work on both instruments. At this point in time, I really don't have a favorite genre of music as I love diversity. My primary taste in music is more towards Classical, Jazz, Country, Rock, New Wave and Punk, Pop and Ballads. Some of my many inspirational musicians have been Carlos Santana, Dwayne Allman and Dickey Betts, Lennon and McCartney, Police, Elvis Costello, Original Chicago Band, Jethro Tull, Dave Matthews, John Hiatt, John Mellancamp, CCR, Steely Dan, Yes, Tom Petty, Eagles, Green Day, Talking Heads, Original Genesis, Stix and Journey, Larry Carlton, Doobie Brothers, and many others too numerous to mention!

My Top Inspirational Bassists:

1. Peter Cetera
I can't say enough about his influence in the bass community. His walking lines are so melodic and inventive, not to mention his tone and rhythm and his ultra high voice. I was fortunate enough to see the original Chicago Band many years ago when he and Terry Kath were mind blowing!

Recommended Listening:


2. Paul McCartney
He is most likely one of my favorite bass players but not only that but a great songwriter, and a very talented multi-instrument player with a voice that is so unique and so melodic.

Recommended Listening:


3. Victor Wooten
If there has been one bassist that has transcended all others in the last 10 years it's got to be Victor. He's constantly inventing new techniques for the electric bass, taking slapping and thumping to a new level. But he's also extremely melodic, funky, and tasty.

Recommended Listening:

Bela Fleck & The Flecktones-Flight of The Cosmic Hippo (Warner 9-26562 $11.99)
Victor Wooten-What Did He Say? (Compass 7-4245 $15.99)
Victor Wooten-Show of Hands (Compass 7-4231 $16.99)

4. Jaco Pastorius
There will never be another Jaco. Anyone that picks up a fretless bass can't help playing like him. He's got to be the most influential electric bassist. His soloing, chord concept, finger-funk, and extended techniques are all concepts others try to emulate. And I can't forget about his incredible gift for composing. His untimely death is truly a shame as he was just coming to age.

Recommended Listening:

Weather Report-Heavy Weather (Columbia $11.99)
Jaco-Jaco (Columbia $11.99)
Jaco-Pastorius-Live In New York Vol. 2 (Big World BW1002 $15.99) -All of the CD's in this series are stellar

5. Stanley Clarke
The first time I heard "School Days" it totally changed my life. For the life of me I couldn't figure out how he got that amazing tone. Then I heard him play upright on Return To Forever's first album and I was totally freaked out. Not many are able to double so effortlessly on electric and upright. I saw him at the Blue Note in NYC some 10 years ago and it was so inspirational to me.

Recommended Listening:

Stanley Clarke-School Days (Epic EK 36975 $9.99)
Return To Forever-Hymn of the Seventh Galaxy (Polydor 825 336 $9.99)
Chick Corea-Return To Forever (ECM 1022 $13.99)

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