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The Bakers are a punk band from Cleveland Ohio consisting of Ryan Baker on Vocals and Guitar, Joey Shannon on Drums, and Anthony Cornelius on Bass. The Bakers formed in the late summer of 2012 and played their first show opening for The Misifts at Peabodys, on Nov 1st of that year.

The Bakers music consists of all forms of punk rock, everything from bands like Screeching Weasel and NOFX to Green Day and Operation Ivy. The Bakers released their first album Texas Ave in late 2012 and currently are about to release their second album Generation 404 sometime soon before 2014. The Bakers are known for playing crazy live shows with lots of energy and great real punk music. They have played all around Cleveland hitting up venues like The House of Blues and Peabodys, and also playing shows down in Cincinnati.

The Bakers were originally named Radiation. In the summer of 2011 Radiation formed as a trio consisting of Bryan Viviani, Joey Shannon and Anthony Cornelius. Their first gig took place on November 18, 2011 at the Willowick Lounge. Shortly after Radiation started auditioning bass players. Taylor Arbogast was then brought into the band to play bass, and Radiation started recording music. Around December of that year Radiation released several demo songs. These songs consisted of Jerk, 3 a.m., and Apathy. Radiation then auditioned for the high school rock off, getting a gig at the House of Blues in Cleveland, Ohio on January 27, 2012. On February 12, 2012 Radiation played their final show at Peabodys. Then in May of 2012 there guitarist and good friend Anthony "Shoes" Cornelius left the band. The band then continued on as a trio. In July of 2012 bassist Taylor Arbogast left the band. Anthony Cornelius then rejoined the band on bass and the name was changed to The Bakers.

The Bakers goal is to be looked at as more than just another band. We want to reintroduce the idea that there is still good real music out there. We want to be a part of a scene, a group of people who feel the same way about punk music as we do. We don't want to just play our songs for people, we want to make a statement. We want to start something new. We want kids to turn to the local underground community for music instead of the corporate structure of record labels and pop music. We want there to be a sense of excitement about music like there once was. We want to show the world that you don't need to use electronic beats and auto-tune to make music. Back in the day there were different places and clubs where kids could go, not to fist pump but to hear real music. It gave them a sense of belonging where others like themselves shared the morals, values, and idealistic viewpoints on life. It showed that you didn't have to conform to modern society, you could be an individual, think for yourself and create your own opinions. You didn't have to be just another ordinary person in the crowd, you could be original. We want people to think for themselves and not let others make decisions for them. We want people to realize that music brings us all together. Jesse Michaels of Operation Ivy once said "Music is an indirect force for change, because it provides an anchor against human tragedy. In this sense, it works towards a reconciled world." That statement couldn't be more true. Music gives us the option to do something distinctive. It gives us the ability to express ourselves, to make our own creations. The Baker's main goal and mission is to have people once again comprehend that music is more than just sound. Music is a lifestyle. Music is an outlet for self expression and the ability to send a message, to make a statement. Thank you to all who support us and keep the subculture of punk music alive. We will always stick to our beliefs and make music until the day we die.

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Bryan Viviani - Vocals and Guitar, Joey Shannon - Drums, Anthony Cornelius - Bass andBacking Vocals
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The Bakers
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Punk / Ska / Skate

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Newark, OH

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