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Hailing from Hudson, Ohio, Kaylene Widdoes just recorded and released her first professional studio EP, "Blue Turns Gold". At only 17 years old and amidst finishing up her senior year of high school, Widdoes took four songs she had written to Danger House Studios up in northeast Ohio to producer Dave Douglas (ex-Relient K, current Attack Cat). Douglas also acted as a partial backing band for Widdoes, playing bass, drums, and other tracks throughout the EP. Widdoes says, “It was amazing to have someone who was in my favorite band be able to play on my own CD. I would’ve never guessed that this would happen back when I was a kid listening to Relient K.”

The four songs on the EP all have special meaning to Widdoes. The first song, “Game We Play,” opens the EP with a quarrelsome back-and-forth love song, with antagonistic lyrics. Followed immediately after that comes “Broken,” a clean electric guitar ballad with a driving drum beat that shows off Widdoes’ heartfelt lyrics and vocal range. The third track, “Hush, Hush Goodnight,” conveys a genuine sincerity behind Widdoes’ writing, with an instrumental ending built up by strings, piano, multiple layered vocal harmonies, and a rolling snare drum beat. Finishing off the EP is “Four Years,” a song about graduating and moving on with life after high school. “I was recording in the middle of my senior year,” mentions Widdoes. “All my friends were going to college far away and I felt like everything was changing. I made the decision to put this song on the EP because I thought all of my friends were thinking the same thing, and writing it helped me to deal with the change that was about to happen.”

With a voice that has repeatedly been likened to Hayley Williams (Paramore) and Taylor Swift, and a style that revels a soft Jack's Mannequin and The Fray, Kaylene Widdoes delivers vulnerable pop ballads with honest and relatable lyrics. "A few weeks after I released the EP, someone told me that the songs had made them 'cry like crazy' and it was then that I realized that these songs actually mean something. I'm not just the girl who sits up in her room and writes songs for myself anymore. Knowing that someone else was affected that much by something I wrote-that's enough to keep me writing forever."

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