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Press Release

August 2015

AirCrash Detectives are pleased to announce the release of Shock Therapy on August 7th 2015. The release will consist of a live show at Southland Ballroom in Raleigh NC, at 8pm. This event will consist of a number of unique ideas that will be launched simultaneously in a bid to put AirCrash Detectives on the musical map and on the road to fame and fortune.

We are indebted to our sponsors Telepathic Graphics Inc for making this event possible, as well as the resources and creativity of Carolina Reprographics, Osceloa Studios, DiscMakers, Southland Ballroom, Sunglasses Ville and Big Bad Ben Lightshows.

Employing some local and international star power to insure the music experience is first class, Bob Boyle [ Vocals ] Chad Lister [ Guitar and Vocals ] Chad Berger [ Piano, Craven Melon ] Steve Nieve [ Piano, Elvis Costello/ Attractions/ Imposters ] to name but a few this 8 piece band will be ready to make some noise. A pulsating indie sound with lush harmonies will be sure to woo the audience into their lair of complex lyrics and meaningful social commentary.

Order of Events

AirCrash Detectives Shock Therapy Game App will be available to play during the concert. They believe and declare to be the first band worldwide to have it’s own game app based on the music. Please feel free to voice your opinion

AirCrash Detectives Shock Therapy video animation will play continuously during the concert through the venue’s flat screens and video projector. The animation will enhance the concert attendee’s visual experience and sense of wellbeing. We post updates as the animation progresses, you can view on You Tube

Rose Tinted Glasses initiative ‘See The World Through A Whole New Lens ‘ has taken on a life of it’s own. The participation on Facebook has been encouraging and will launch the night of the release. The premise is to do one fantastic or average thing every day outside your comfort zone to have a positive impact on a person less fortunate than yourself. We are looking for a corporate sponsor for this, please contact us for more information. Canon’s new N100 real time technology will enable us to post as it happens.

All participants will receive a pair of AirCrash Detectives ‘Rose Tinted Glasses’ and a CD of ‘Shock Therapy’ Participant’s requirements are to drink heartily at the open bar and cheer enthusiastically at the appropriate times. All of the night’s festivities will be filmed for the Rose Tinted Glasses video release in October 2015. Your most spontaneous and random acts of kindness will be recorded.

Concert with AirCrash Detectives debut live performance

Band Line Up

Bob Boyle; Vocals
Chad Lister; Guitar and Vocals
Jeremy Harper; Bass
Chad Berger; Piano
Dan Davis; Drums
Will Futch; Guitar
Lydia Salett; Vocals
Jocelin Spruill; Vocals

Special Guest; Steve Nieve; Piano

Our goal is create an event and blueprint that will bring the fun into concert going and connect across all generations going forward. Wish us luck!

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Band Members
Bob Boyle - Vocals, Chad Lister - Guitar, Chad Barger - Piano/Organ, Jeremy Harper - Bass, Bill Eagen - Drums, Catie King - Acoustic Guitar
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AirCrash Detectives
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Indie / Indie Pop Country / Indie

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Cary, NC
Bob Boyle

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