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ZOMBIE JIHAD believes that art in all its forms is an agent of change.

ZOMBIE JIHAD plays stoner rock, grunge flavored thinking peoples metal, and Blues based hard Rock mixed in a simmering cauldron of sex, drugs, rock and political awareness/activism.

We are not muslim, we are not from the middle east, and we are not affiliated with any religion or church at all.

Our church is in the sky and the sea and the mountains and the valleys....

In the marshall stacks, the Ludwig Drums, the Gibson Guitars, the shure mics, the proper hair conditioning products and a variety of voluntary mood enhancers of many brands and flavors.

We are spiritual and believe in a higher power....

But religion? Not so much.

so unlike a beer with our burrito, a glass of red wine with our steak, a tanqueray martini with three olives or whatever ones choice may be to flex away the caked up grime and dissapointment of the years...

All too often 'religions' turn people into mindkless droids.

Some call them ZOMBIES.

We are not zombies either.

Our eyes and ears are wide open and if we could inspire others to do the same?

That would be something to be proud of.

To those who may think we are celebrating the idea of a JIHAD or 'holy war'---a concept as ridiculous as an Iron Butterfly or a Lead Zepplin....

We are not. We are dissing it. We are spitting on it.

Hoping that any zombies out there taught to not question....

To follow blindly a 'middle man' priest claiming to speak for 'GOD' or 'ALLAH' or 'THE GREAT PUMPKIN....'

Will join us...

And spit on it too.

Plant a seed of hope with Art and perhaps it shall grow into a Tree of change.

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Johnnny Rockstar - Guitar, Gary Johnson - Electric Guitar, El Loco Sacapuntas - Electric Guitar/Missing, Mad MIKE - Drums, LISA xXXx - Vocals, Dangerous Dan - Bass
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Zombie Jihad
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Rock / Stoner Rock / Metal

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Seattle, WA
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