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NationWideKings/Sweden. The members origins from Zaint Rock. One of Swedens most legendary bands in the early eightees.The band partied and jammed with Phil Lynott. The people that were around theese days gets some nostalgic look in their eyes when they speak about the bands cool attitude and concerts.

Other people claims that it was Zaint Rock that made them form bands of their own. Zaint Rock did never release a record but played in front
of thousands of people during a chaotic period.

- We were about to have a month off for vacation. We split in different directions like Spain,Morocco, Denmark and the north of Sweden.Unfortunately we lost the track of tim. Through the years we all played in differentbands and constellations. It took about three decades before we met up again in this years spring. When we did it felt like yesterday, tells Forsman.

- We play the music we like and that we thinks sounds great.

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Eskilstuna, SE