In the three years since the band's 2009 self-titled debut album, KIRBY KRACKLE has risen through the ranks of nerd-rock to emerge as the leader in a new movement and genre of geek-driven musical inspiration. Putting on a high-energy rock n roll show, and writing songs about and from the perspective of pop-culture icons, comic book characters, and video games, KIRBY KRACKLE's name has become synonymous with the meeting of the nerdiest ideas and high level musicianship over the course of self-releasing three albums in as many years - "Kirby Krackle" (2009), "E For Everyone" (2010), and "Super Powered Love" (2011).

In spring of 2011, KK embarked on their first tour out of North America by heading to Australia and participating in the country's "Supanova" pop-culture festival for two weeks. In summer of 2011, the DC Comics GREEN LANTERN character-inspired anthem, "Ring Capacity" was given a grassroots moment push by thousands of "Krackleheads" (the KK fan base) all around the world in an attempt to have the track placed on the film's soundtrack. During this time KK released their highly anticipated third album, "Super Powered Love," which coincided with release of the track, "Who Watches The Watcher?"; a theme song commissioned by DISNEY/MARVEL COMICS for their viral webshow "The Watcher." Two of KK's tracks also appear on the Rock Band Network and have been featured on the front page of RBN as "hot tracks" to download. Kirby Krackle continues to work on their anticipated 2013 4th studio full-length album, and In December 2012 released a taste of it in the form of the new single, "One More Episode"; song dedicated to the nights tucked in and watching tv.

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Kyle Stevens: Vocals/GuitarScott Andrew: BassNelson Estes: DrumsBryce Francis: PianoPatrick Porter: Guitar
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Alternative / Indie Rock / nerd-rock

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Lynnwood, WA