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The saga of Psychedelic Elders
Our story begins in the year 1969, when an up-and-coming quartet of young musicians called the Psychedelic Youth were poised to make their mark on the music world as an opening act at the Woodstock Music and Arts Festival. As fate would have it, on the weekend before Woodstock, the band decided to take a “three hour tour” of the Caribbean Islands. Alas, our friends were caught in a vortex in the Bermuda Triangle and ended up in the lost city of Altlantis. As it turned out, the Atlanteans loved psychedelic music, especially artists like Donovan (who, it is rumored, may have actually been born there), so naturally they loved the Psychedelic Youth, who instantly rose to the top of the charts and stayed there until recently, when they returned to our world. Although it seemed to them that only a few years had gone by, Atlantis exists between dimensions outside of normal space and time and 45 years had passed. Upon returning, the band realized that they could no longer call themselves The Psychedelic Youth, as they had lost their immunity to the ravages of time and aged 45 years immediately . The band changed its name to Psychedelic Elders and have returned to our world to restore the good vibes to the music of today.

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Campin Patty - Bass, Griff Kinsey - Vocals, Joe Scorza - Guitar, Jim Molinaro - Multi-Instrumentalist, Albert Fortino - Drums, Tony Bonz - Drums
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Psychedelic Elders
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Indie / psychedelic rock/pop

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National Park, NJ