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The man residing a few minutes outside of PA's lovely city Philadelphia. The town West Chester the area of the wealthy assholes and middle class grinders and low income hustlers eating off the rich. In the midst of this regular madness blind to the average eye. A very very skilled emcee was born on a cold December 20th 1987, with more to offer to the hip hop game, than many attempting at the current moment. From growing up a troubled youth, with a rough family life. Jay Sinificance seemed to find himself in more juvenile placements than recording studios while growing up. Starting to rap around the age 11 with a friend on a karaoke machine with instrumentals recording his tracks on tape cassette. To another time being incarcerated at 15 for 9-12 months at a juvenile placement and being brought to a recording studio in York, PA. For ARC's attempt to get troubled youth into something positive and creative. Jay Sinificance claims he didn't start recording officially till 18. At the age of 18 in 2006-2007 Jay Sinificance recorded 21 track mixtape named "The Change Up" recorded at Tribe Records Studio in West Chester,PA. After a failed attempt to push his mixtape himself with little support, Jay Sinificance found himself back at square one again. Broke, hungry, and still with no lead towards a rapping career. In 2008 Jay Sinificance was arrested for selling cocaine, and managed to make his bail to fight his case. In the midst of fighting charges filled against him, and getting by day to day with barely any money Jay Sinificance found himself in his home studio recording multiple tracks a day. He taught himself how to mix and master his own tracks, and also produce beats. In March 2009 Jay Sinificance teamed up with 2 handfuls of rappers and his first official business partner Jesse Giacomucci (Jocko) to form a group called MDS (Madd Different Skillz). The group ended up breaking up less than a year into working on 4 different projects, and shooting one music video (40oz To Freedom). After that Jay says "It was another failed attempt", but he continued to work on more music. In August 2009 Jay Sinificance started working on a project/mixtape called "Drop Knowledge". Which he claims is what ended up polishing his flow as a emcee completely. He said " I did like 80 or 90 some tracks and released only 17 tracks, Me and Jocko would record for sometimes over 12 hours a day". After releasing Drop Knowledge in November 2009 and at what seemed to be another failed attempt at breaking threw, Jay Sinificance continued on to another project named "Fiji Water Fresh". Which was put on hold due to Jay Sinificances loss of his Mother passing on February 14th 2010. And then 4 months after he was sentenced to a 3-6 year sentence, with the option of a up-state military boot camp program being offered, Jay Sinificance took it to receive a shorter sentence of 2 years. Fiji Water Fresh being his most recent project before being locked up that dropped September 14th 2010 it was also hosted by Dj Ill Will. Jay Sinificance did work with platinum french producer Laurent Konrad (Discobitch, Helmut Fritz, Ragsy) on various electro singles that were set to be released 2011 but never saw the light of day. After being locked up Laurent Konrad never released the two singles they agreed apon which was another set back for Jay Sinificance. With Jay Sinificance being freshly released from prison May 29th 2012 he's been working on two new projects "Tax Free" and "Wellfair". Tax Free is set to be released in 2013 and Wellfair still has no release date yet. He is currently working with producers De Elusive, ADOT, and 5th Sequence for his next projects.

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