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It all started when a 7 year old boy in Florida saw a movie called “La Bamba.” The music and life of Ritchie Valens spoke to him. It was more than admiration…Ryan saw himself and his future in this film. He didn’t know how he was going to get there, but he knew this was his calling…at the tender age of 7.He got his first guitar from a pawn shop, and soon learned how to play it at a local music store. Talent shows, bands in high school, a college career focused on music…all led him to Nashville with $500 and a dream in 2005.

In Nashville Ryan found everything – and everyone - he was looking for to take him to the next level as a new alternative rock artist. He has recorded with legendary Nashville musicians Brent Mason, Paul Franklin, Bruce Bouton and Eddie Bayers - to name a few - who are known in the Nashville music scene as the “A Team” on music row for their contributions on multiple #1 hits.

In spite of being in Nashville for just a few years, Ryan has already connected with an amazing collection of top country artists. He has opened up for Carrie Underwood, and played multiple concerts with the legendary Ronnie Milsap, as well as with talented hit-maker Lorrie Morgan. Also, has played a variety of festivals and events along the way.

He has worked with producer Earl Sinks who played for the classic pioneer band “The Crickets” (known prior as “Buddy Holly and The Crickets - he played on and sang the hit “ I Fought The Law”.) Ryan has even shared a stage with Tommy Tutone (famous for the #1 hit “867-5309”). Most recently he has been focusing on solo performances in Nashville, New York and south Florida. Writing and rehearsing with notable artist and producers, and also touring with various popular gospel artists. Of course, Ryan’s focus is the creation of his own music. A prolific artist with 18 fully produced recordings (recorded with the Nashville “A” Team) to date under his belt, he still spends the majority of his days and evenings perfecting his melodies, songwriting and arrangements.

Ryan’s Mission: “I really want to make a difference in the world, and in people’s lives and hearts. Offer some warmth in a world that at times can be so cold. Love where there’s fear, healing where there’s hurt, hope where there is none, and faith where there’s doubt.

I believe the power of change is in the medium of music - the universal language that all hearts understand. It says what we alone in our imperfections cannot. My dream is to share this point of view of hope and love with the world…to leave behind something that matters, and will forever live on long after I’m gone.”

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