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It’s a town in your head where even the losers squeeze out a second chance. And it’s a band from where else but Baltimore, MD with pull-up-a-barstool backstories and punchy, poignant tunes. Some might call it blues rock and roll twang, or even Americana, but listen to a few songs and you’ll hear why some say they evade the musical border police.

Palookaville’s new album, Another Day – the first since coming together – features 10 songs that highlight the musical and songwriting talents of this band of Baltimore all-stars. There’s bar-band barrelhouse, tear-in-my-bear country (“I Would Too”), choogling blues (“Buddha Blue”), and straight-in-the-eye confessions (“Another Day”), all the while exuding hard-won wisdom from the quirky worldview of a delighted cynic. Yet these are songs tinged with a fleeting sense of wonder, and make for a wild and deeply satisfying ride.

Palookaville is Howard Markman (guitar and vocals), Glenn Workman (keyboards and vocals), Jim Hannah (drums and vocals), and Chas Marsh (bass and vocals). In their individual careers, they’ve logged thousands of miles on the road with various groups, played countless shows, and rubbed shoulders with legends from across the musical spectrum, from folk and funk to jazz and art-rock. Now they bring their experience, talent, and professionalism to Palookaville and Another Day.

Stick around and listen – it only gets better.

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Howard Markman & Glenn Workman. Full Band - is Howard - guitar & vocals, Glenn Workman - keyboard & vocals, Chas Marsh - bass & vocals, Jim Hannah - drums & v
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Howard Markman & Palookaville
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Americana / rock

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Baltimore, MD
howard markman

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