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Praised as three of the most skilled songwriters in the South Sound, Ricci, Nathan and Jack formed their band within the walls of Charles Wright Academy in University Place. Their varying yet surprisingly cohesive influences produce a fresh, eccentric sound, the composition of which parallels that of the greats. Seriously, while listening to their music and appreciating the genius of their writing ability, one wonders what to do with themselves.

Spawned in the deep South of Houston, Texas, Ricci Valice has been a musician since he was in the womb. His mother reported the faint sounds of a symphony emanating from her stomach. Learning the piano at age 3, Ricci has had musical blood all his life. At age 12, he had an epiphany listening to "A Day in the Life" by the Beatles; he knew he was destined to make music with impact. At age 14, he picked up the guitar, cycled through several bands and eventually found his brethren in music. Now, at age 17, crowds gather to revel in the brilliance that is Ricci's songwriting; one can only wonder if meeting Paul McCartney with bass player Nathan Williams gave him that legendary spark.

Born a bearded mountain man in the outskirts of Yelm, Nathan Williams provides the funk with the force of a thousand suns. His slapping techniques have been revered by at least 3 people. The only proper term for his bass guitar, unfortunately, is penetrating. Nathan is characterized by his uncanny ability to violently morph genres and styles, ranging from the hardcore prowess of a Greek god to the lighthearted tingling of a baby's foot.

Raised in the gypsy tents of eastern Romania, Jack Skokin has a license to carry the biggest guns this side of the Rockies. Depending on his capricious mood, Jack will either caress his kit or break 12 sticks in one show in a murder attempt. Here's the truth; there is no drummer in the world as unique as Jack Skokin. He has the rare ability among drummers to actually listen to the song when inventing drum parts and enhance the music. Jack pounds the living bejeesus out of his drums and makes them sing like a bearded fat lady, the likes of which he often experiences in his travels back to the homeland of Romania.

Collectively, they are Gossamer. While masterfully proficient in their instruments, they find their expertise in the mystical dexterity that is their brilliant songwriting. Keep an eye on them, because they are heading to the top.

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Ricci Valice - Vocals, Nathan Williams - Bass, Jack Skokin - Drums
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Rock / Pop / Pop Rock

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Olympia, WA

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