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Hello, My name is Robert Patson, Many others know me as Bobby. I Play the guitar as well as record a little bit of instrumental music. The primary reason I made this profile is to share my audio recordings with those who can find a little enjoyment or relaxation in it. I can honestly say that music is a big part of who I am. I would like to hopefully do something with it one day, Like make back ground music to different types of things, Or maybe learn how to sing and apply my skills to some amazing vocals... The unfortunate reality is that the one thing that has put a direct stop to my success is my poor attempts on actually vocalizing properly... Now if you asked me to harmonize a rhythm with some lead, I would gladly rise to the challenge! I am not that bad at lead for a blind guy... I would like to personally thank my fans for there support, It makes all the difference in more ways then you know... I record my music for fun mainly, but I enjoy it a little more when others listen to it and actually like it! It gives my recordings meaning, I would like to end this introduction by encouraging others to pick up an instrument and play something that's never been herd before, You never know, You might accidentally create a master piece.

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Bobby Patson
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Experimental / Rock, and Blues / Country

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Farwell, MI