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My music comes straight from my life--and some of you might agree it's been a rough couple of years. (I know, world’s smallest Violin!) Been some struggles. Been some tears. But I’m still here! (Trumpets, Flugelhorns, babies banging on pots and pans!) I am blessed, of that there is no doubt.

But hold on—I’m getting ahead of myself.

I was born In Atlanta, GA. (Yee to the Haw!). I play the Banjo, Mando, the Guit-fiddle, Pi-a-no, Bass-o, and anything else that ends with an “o”. And the Dulcimer. I have a dog named Lydia. Everybody calls her “Splady.” I have no idea why. She seems to enjoy it when I play my Martin guitar. (I think my Fender is too loud) I also write music for kids and love to make films.

More often than not I like to be alone, but I know I am NOT alone…quite the opposite, in fact. It seems whenever I start down the road to wherever I am always covered on both sides by great friends and good family. Sometimes we take up the whole dang road!

I like an audience. I love a show. I’ve played living rooms, campfires, theaters, clubs, crappy clubs, back hallways, amphitheaters and bedrooms. (Coming soon to a stadium near you?)

I try to write songs that are stories—some belong to me, some belong to others. But all seem to share a common thread: That sometimes letting go makes it easier to keep holding on. Ha!

So if you’re up for it, lets take a walk down this well-worn musical road. Come and meet some friends of mine, and lighten your load.

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