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This is a compilation, in part, of music from bands I have been a part of over the past decade. Scream Of Erida songs are from our 2007 LP The Red Testament(a few tracks missing) as well as Our 2005 EP Burn The World. Once Beloved songs are just some pre-production demos from 2008. The Martyrs and Madmen songs are from our 2009 EP Humanimals and 2010 Pre-production demos. All vocals and lyrics were preformed and written by me. With the exception of Don't Cross The Streams and Sensory Deprivation. Those were written lyrically in collaboration with my current drummer Tony Hersey who was also the drummer for Martyrs And Madmen. Currently working on a disgustingly dirty and heavy as hell rock and roll EP. More to come later this year. Thanks for checking out the page!

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