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...GOD gave me the breath to breath, the voice to speak, the legs to push my lyrics, and two hands to handle business...Thank you God for everything you given, and allowing me forgiveness, The biography of a prodigy is clearly eery to those without a lot of things, commas, periods, exclamations, and apostrophes, without common sense who's to say which laws are to be or not to be. I'm a grammical slaughter house, a butcher with a butcher's knife. To put shit nice if I could get it right, find a light and time it right, buy a flight and climb the height...And after all, all in all, in the fall, I finally decide to fight...In the grand scheme of things, how does an artist describe there self as an artist? First you gotta find your heart, and pin point where your heart is. I pulled my heart out of the darkest and farthest cranny, every nook and every cook, every hook and every family. Every verse and every hearse , every verb and every curb, every action has a reaction that attacks you in the worst...Wake up at the bottom, nothing to see for miles, I got back up with a broken jaw, sprained ankle, and a smile. Meanwhile, daydreaming, and thinkin bout a green miles , every L's a life sentence, every other one of my raps a free style...so fuck describin Im vibin listening for sirens rewinding, Every A Track from way back, searching to find a diamond... FlimzKdynomiite or FMTNT. Every Ey gets doubled so it's Ey-Ey Captain to me. Everything Ive meant to be, Ill become relentlessly..regardless...Shout Out to LoLo-Dee...

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Stormy Mansfield A.K.A Captaiin, Ryan Early A.K.A RyeNo S.S., Clayton Holder A.K.A Mr.Wright, and Erun Daniels A.K.A Pretty Boi.
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Rap / Rap & Hip-Hop / Gospel & Blues

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Lees Summit, MO
LoLo-Dee and Barnii Knukles

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