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The Huntington Music & Arts Festival was born out of the need to expose our community to the revitalized music and arts scene here in our city and state.

While booking music at a dim lit, smoky bar I realized that there was terrific talent coming in week after week, yet only a select group who chose to brave the late night scene were reaping these benefits. That’s why in 2010, after years of thinking about it, I decided it was time for Huntington to have their own music and arts festival to celebrate our local/regional scene that would be inviting to all age groups and families.

It started like any idea probably does; slow, time consuming and learning at every curve. Who would have thought that it wasn’t as easy as just saying, “Hey let’s do an outdoor concert with a bunch of bands!” And easy it was not, but worth it, it has been. Granted we have grown slowly over the last 3 years, but we have grown. In 2010 we featured 14 musical acts and a handful of visual artists. 2011 saw 23 music acts and over a dozen visual artists. Then last year we had our biggest show yet with 25 music acts and close to 20 visual artists! And we look to keep this trend going this year as we are going to incorporate more visual arts and a section of the festival grounds to become an interactive art station focused mainly on working with children. As well as introducing 15 new musical acts to the festival. Also, this year we want to start giving back to our community.

Working with local businesses, Latta’s and Route 60 Music, we will be donating Art Supplies and Musical Instruments/Supplies to 2 different schools in our area. We look forward to growing this festival to become THE event in Huntington and also trying to give back to our community along the way.

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